Owl: Deep State Destroys Gab — Collective Punishment and Cover for Censorship Action #GoogleGestapo

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Who? Who?

Twitter alternative GAB has been notified by its host provider it will be shut down unless it finds another host, due to actions of one deranged individual. A clear case of collective punishment. Where have we heard that term before?

Exploiting The Lunatic Fringe To Silence Legitimate Dissent

Phi Beta Iota: We need a national email service (credit to Shiva Ayyadurai) and a national social media ecology or truth channel (credit to Robert Steele) for file sharing and more, based within the US Post Office, and allowing the President (and Members of Congress) to interact with 100% of their respective constituents without censorship, manipulation, and digital assassination.  It is particularly despicable that software and service providers are in total violation of universal service expectations and all standards of free speech and non-discimination.

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