John McAfee: Presidential Alerts Can Be Two Way with E911

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Fact Check: Are the ‘Presidential Alerts' Capable of Accessing Your Phone's Mic and Camera?

“The ‘Presidential alerts,’” McAfee tweeted Wednesday, “they are capable of accessing the E911 chip in your phones – giving them full access to your location, microphone, camera and every function of your phone. This not a rant, this is from me, still one of the leading cybersecurity experts. Wake up people!”

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

Robert Steele: I believe the fact checker to be wrong.  This is a two-way system now. What would be really interesting — apart from an opt-out capability for each owner — would be using this obvious nation-wide network to create a Trump Channel that allows direct polling of all citizens (whose number and email, registered with the US Post Office, would certify their citizenship and voting district status) as well as a Presidential Dashboard able to “read” distillations of public comments by demographic, location, and issue.

I wrote the original warning letter to the White House in 1994 on cyber-vulernability. The US Government has both undermined security and exploited commercial offerings to the point that we have a system that is totally compromised and also does not provide the needed sense-making (decision-support) capabilities for evidence-based governance.  Shame on all concerned.

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