Mongoose: Why Is Steve Bannon Visiting Jeffrey Epstein the Pedophile Master?

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Steve Bannon trying to get on disgraced Jeffrey Epstein’s good side

Former White House chief strategist Bannon was spotted stepping out of his SUV and entering the registered sex offender’s sprawling 21,000-square-foot mansion at 9 E. 71st St. shortly before 7 a.m. Wednesday.

Sources speculate that the disgraced ­Epstein wants to use his millions to work his way close to political power again.

Phi Beta Iota: As best we can tell from secondary sources, Epstein is a fake billionaire, funded by a mega-billionaire loyal to Zionist Isreal (not to be confused with earnest Judaism), and he is the most public among a very large number of pedophile entrapment operators managed by CIA/Mossad with FBI cover.  We strongly support Truth & Reconciliation as a general philosophy; Epstein’s money by iteself will not be enough — if he wants  to earn a Presidential pardon, he needs to do good, starting with the complete disclosure of how he has been managed and who he has blackmailed. If Joe Biden is in that latter number, this will get the President’s attention.

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