Portland White Trash — Could Blacks Be Joining the GOP to Get Away from Them? (Over 6M Views)

Cultural Intelligence

Tip of the hat to the fit, muscled Slav who would not allow himself to be baited.

Three Things the President Can Do for a November 2018 Bump:

01 Appoint Carol Mosely Braun to the UN post.

02 Pardon our last remaining political prisoners — twelve Black Panthers.

03 Commit, NOW (before Election Day), to passing #UNRIG Election Reform Act in 2019 to achieve a Congress in 2020 that is one third NOT Republican or Democratic — that is the ONLY way we will get to evidence-based legislation in the public interest. That is how we give Independents, Libertarians, Greens, and others a fair deal. This will inspire the fence-sitters.

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