Robert Steele: Help Please — Seeking Donations

Robert David STEELE Vivas

The last time I sought to raise $10K we received $2,500 in donations to Earth Intelligence Network, and that paid for bullet-proofing this website.  It can still be shut down but it will pop right back up in Iceland or any of several other places where we now have mirrors that are offline but can be activated right away.

It would be most helpful to raise $5000 to cover costs toward the end of the year.  I am doing fine with my social security payment that I share with family. EIN is down to its last $1000. If you like what we do (and no ads ever), please donate what you can to

Bitcoin and Ethereum donations, or checks, welcome, send me an email for those addresses.

All donors receive an email receipt and option of receiving a Founding Citizens Certificate, US or Global, as shown below.

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