Mongoose: Vaccines Cause Autism (Five Definitive Replicative Discoveries) CDC is a Criminal Enterprise!

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International scientists have found autism's cause. What will Americans do?

  • Discovery #1: “Maternal Immune Activation” [with aluminum] can cause autism
  • Discovery #2: Aluminum Adjuvant causes immune activation and is far more neurotoxic than previously thought
  • Discovery #3: Aluminum can increase IL-6 in the brain
  • Discovery #4: Hepatitis B vaccine induces IL-6 in postnatal rats
  • Discovery #5: High levels of aluminum in autism brains

Phi Beta Iota: The long article with many links is a block-buster.  We regard the Center for Disease Control (CDC) as a criminal organization that protects private sector criminals from prosecution.  Vaccines have never, ever, been properly tested. The dereliction of duty within CDC is treasonous — they are literally destroying the brains of the American public.

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Rebecca Campbell: US Government Loses Vaccine Lawsuit — Has Lied to the Public for Decades — Vaccines NOT Tested — Autism Will Drop If Parents Use This Case to Legally Challenge Mandated Vaccinations

Mongoose: Unconstitutional Vaccine Court Exposed, Decisive Shift in Medical Views (Vaccines DO Cause Autism) — An Opportunity for President Donald Trump to Act

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