Robert Steele: 10 Moves To Hold the House UPDATE 10: Lost House, Some Good News

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UPDATE 10: GOP lost the House and that is probably for the best — the NeverTrumpers from the GOP are the ones that were flushed out. Control of the Senate increased and that assures a flood of conservative Justices.

MID-TERM SPECIAL: Trump Triumphs — Senate, Justices, Never-Trumpers Gone from House — Deep State Done!

I continue to recommend that the President commit to #UNRIG Election Reform Act, with the goal of having one third of Congress in 2020 be from a small party or independent.

Moves with Images and Links Below the Fold

01 ACTUAL 20181017 Medal of Honor. President delivers Medal of Honor to black USMC Sergeant Major (Retired) John Canley for heroism in Hue, Viet-Nam, as Gunnery Sergeant commanding a company under seige.  Sample article.

02 ACTUAL 20181017 Budget Cuts. President tells Cabinet they will find a 5% cut in their budget.  Sample article.

03 ACTUAL Major Tax Cut for Middle Income Individual Taxpayers. Announced by President in answering questions prior to boarding his aircraft at 1610 20 October 2018, he specifically said it would be introduced prior to November. [This is UPDATE 3].

04 ACTUAL Considerable Drops in Cost of Prescriptions. In a move most favorable to the elderly, the President is going after the rigged pricing of US prescriptions, bringing them more in line with global prices that are often 10% of the cost of what is charged in the US.  It is a dirty secret of the US medical industry that there is NO PRICE LIST anywhere — both procedures and pharmaceutical are a crap-shoot, negotiated individually among insurance companies and companies. [This is UPDATE 6A].

Trump announces plan to lower “unfair” prescription drug prices

05 ACTUAL 10 More Tranformational Presidential Rallies.  The President's rallies are transformational and dominating local media that cannot be censored by the Deep State. The President has committed to doing ten more such rallies attracting thousands and impacting on millions. [This is UPDATE 6B].

Is Trump Transforming Midterms With Arena-Size Rallies?

Trump campaign pledges 10 more rallies before midterm election

06 ACTUAL End  Illegal Aliens Part A No More Catch and Release Part B No More Birthright Citizenship.

Part A: The President has announced an end to catch and release. Every illegal alien will get a hearing and most will be promptly deported.

Part B: The President has connected the dots — and we have senior Democrats who agree.This is not about amending the Constitution this is about properly interpreting the Constitution which is where the Supreme Court comes into play. This is UPDATE 8.

Author of 14th Amendment Explains EXACTLY Who It Was Meant For

The Left goes hysterical over birthright citizenship, giving Trump another win

Trump Connects the Dots on Dangers of Illegal Immigration

Graham to introduce legislation to end birthright citizenship

Exclusive: Trump targeting birthright citizenship with executive order

HYPOTHETICAL Cut Debt in Half.  President announces to the public his successful retrieval from the Deep State and its banks of over $15 trillion dollars, and his plan to wipe half the debt ($21T) immediately, while completely eliminating the annual debt and assuming control over the Federal Reserve in his second term — interest, inflation, and currency — including a gold or precious metals backed dollar — will be controlled in the public interest in accordance with the Constitution. UPDATE 9 is Video Below.

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Dr. Mark Skidmore

HYPOTHETICAL: Commit to #UNRIG Election Reform Act that puts 50 Independents, 50 Libertarians, and 50 Others (Constitution, Greens) into Congress in 2020.

Robert Steele & Cynthia McKinney: Former Representative and Intelligence Official Team Up to Unrig Elections

HYPOTHETICAL UN Appointment. President announces Carol Moseley Braun as his recess appointment to be US Ambassador to the UN, a “healing appointment” that speaks to women, blacks, and #WalkAway fence-sitters. The president's existing choices, particularly Joe Lieberman, are mediocre. Bobby Jindal is the one serious alternative  to Carol Mosely Braun. Sample article.

HYPOTHETICAL End Geoengineering. President fires the US Air Force Chief of Staff and the flag officer in charge of the top secret USAF Geoengineering Squadron, informs the public that Hurricane Michael was a contrived disaster managed by Eglin AFB to wipe out the ability of the reddest part of Florida to vote; issues a presidential order terminating the USAF geoengineering program established under George H. W. Bush; ends all prospects of senior USAF flag officers (remember Clapper and Hayden) serving as Chair of the Joint Chief of Staff or as agency heads anywhere; declares a FEMA emergency with unlimited funds to ensure everyone affected is a) taken care of and b) can vote on election day from anywhere. Sample video.

HYPOTHETICAL Pardon Black Panthers. President pardons up  to twelve Black Panthers — America's last political prisoners and including posthumous pardons for those who died in prison — and appoints Herman Cain as Director of the Bureau of Prisons with a mandate to reduce the US prison population by 50% within six years inclusive of accelerated anulment of convictions for recreational marijuana and the management of a very robust fund for compensation and training of those wrongfully convicted by corrupt judges and prosecutors (who will be cleaned out as part of this initiative). Related posts:

Randy Short & Robert Steele: 12 Pardons = Black Male Vote [Comment by Cynthia McKinney]

Robert Steele: Democracy Riots – We are all black now, deal with it! (Trump Revolution 02)

Dr. Randy Short

UPDATE 2 ROBERT STEELE: I have always been mindful of the genociding of the Native Americans and the manner in which still today the federal government continues to abuse and loot our Native Americans and the tribal territories. This should have been a co-incident pardon.  An Alert Reader has brought me up on the case of Leonard Peltier — and there are others, including those who have died in prison and merit a posthumous pardon.  The President can use his authority to pardon as a MAJOR healing tool with both Blacks and Native Americans.  I pray this be so and note with distress how the FBI continues to be accused of fabricating evidence and lying to the Court to get a conviction. In the past they did this against Native Americans, blacks, and whistleblowers — today they do this will all the false flag events and alleged terrorist entrapments to the point there is a book about “The Terror Factory” (FBI). ENOUGH!

Leonard Peltier Is My Father and He Deserves Clemency

Leonard Peltier, Native American Activist Releases Statement

HYPOTHETICAL #UNRIG Election Reform Act. President convenes past presidential and senatorial candidates from the Green, Libertarian, Constitution, Reform parties, and Independents, and commits to introducing #UNRIG – The Election Reform Act of 2019, in time to enable one third of Congress to be comprised of citizens who are NOT part of the two-party tyranny.  Video. Website. Related post:

Robert Steele & Cynthia McKinney: Former Representative and Intelligence Official Team Up to Unrig Elections

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HYPOTHETICAL End Federal War on Marijuana – Defer to States. With the cheerful and willing obedience of Attorney General Jefferson Sessions, the President will sign an Executive Order putting in motion an end to all federal intervention in relation to marijuana production, processing, and sales within individual states. Federal interdiction will continue to occur against illegal imports, but states will have full authority to grow or purchase from other sources including foreign sources, as they see fit.

Congressman Issues ‘Blueprint To Legalize Marijuana' For Democratic House In 2019

HYPOTHETICAL Swords into Plowshares for Home Front Prosperity. President commits to a national “Manhattan Project” to apply Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) to the creation of a 21st Century national infrastructure including unlimited desalinated and decontaminated water using renewable energy; a redirection of the US military-industrial complex away from swords that are profitable  for the 1% to plowshares profitable for the 99%; and a zero base review of all federal land holdings west of the Mississippi with the intent of both cutting those holdings in half and ending private corporate exploitation of public natural resources below market value.

HYPOTHETICAL FISA Documents with ZERO redactions. These are published one week prior to Election Day, clearly demonstrating the complicity of President Barack Obama and other Democratic leaders including key Senators, and of key leaders in the United Kingdom, in varied illegal activities.


The Khoshoggi Atrocity & the Central American Caravan are both Deep State provocations.  The intent was to get President Donald Trump to act badly. The US secret intelligence community, both political parties, and the Mainstream Media are all lying to the President and the public and spinning false narratives. So far the President has been brilliant:

A. Khashoggi is a Deep State Zionist provocation in partnership with Bandar and Turki, MBS call, if made, was faked with voice technology. President is being measured. See our regularly updated post:

Robert Steele: Zionists, Khashoggi, 9/11 Cover-Up, Extortion, UPDATE 9: MBS Voice Faked?

B. Caravan was organized and has been supported with water, food, and funds all along the way. The President threaded this needed by putting the burden on the President of Mexico, who rose to the occasion, and the Presidents of Honduras and Guatemala, who will lose everything if they fail to recall their public being used in a covert media influence operation against the President. We are ignoring the caravan, that is over, but the President should demand a counter-intelligence retrospective and nail elements of the CIA (and the Mossad) that organized and supported the march.

C.  The obvious false flag fake bombs sent to the major figures in the Democratic party (with no postmarks, a sure sign of an inside job). A mind-controlled “white supremacist” will inevitably be trotted out by rogue FBI collaborators of the Deep State.

Desperate Deep State Democrats Orchestrate False Flag Bomb Scares Against Liberal Leaders As Midterm Election Ploy

Suspect identified, a Latino not a white supremacist, looks like a intellectual light-weight and perfect candidate for mind-control.  It remains to be seen if the FBI will get (probably not) a complete dump from NSA on all this individuals calls and emails.  Ties to CIA and the extremist anti-Castro Cubans resident in Florida should be examined.

Florida man, Cesar Sayoc Jr., arrested in probe of mail bombs targeting Obama, Clinton and other Trump critics

Owl: Pocahontas Revenge – Deep State False White-Faces a Philipino-Latino, Goes Overboard on Professional Imaging of Immacuate White Van


John Robb, at Global Guerrillas , warns that these bombs set the stage for over-reactions on Election Day — imagine false bomb threats to voting sites in predominantly Republican neighborhoods across the country — a deliberate campaign to block Republican voters from voting.


Not counted are self-inflicted wounds by the Democrats, including Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Michael (or Michelle) Moore, the street violence by village idiots, and Horseface (Stormy Daniels) & Ratface (Michael Avenatti) losing in Court. Below is one Ben Garrison Cartoon and one image of why no one wants to live in Portland, OR.

UPDATE 10: GOP lost the House and that is probably for the best — the NeverTrumpers from the GOP are the ones that were flushed out. Control of the Senate increased and that assures a flood of conservative Justices.

MID-TERM SPECIAL: Trump Triumphs — Senate, Justices, Never-Trumpers Gone from House — Deep State Done!

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