Ellen Brown: Trump’s War on the Fed

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Ellen Brown

Trump’s War on the Fed

…perhaps the president’s goal is not to subtly affect Fed behavior so much as to make it patently obvious who is to blame when the next Great Recession hits. And recession is fairly certain to hit, because higher interest rates almost always trigger recessions. The Fed’s current policy of “quantitative tightening”—tightening or contracting the money supply—is the very definition of recession, a term Wikipedia defines as “a business cycle contraction which results in a general slowdown in economic activity.”

This “business cycle” is not something inevitable, like the weather. It is triggered by the central bank.

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Phi Beta Iota: The Federal Reserve is a cancer killing the Republic.  It is an illegitimate enterprise representing the private banks and the Cabal — the Deep State. It should be nationalized as soon as possible.  It was the banks that caused the Great Depression with the complicity of Democratic President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and it was the banks thatr exploded the economy in the early part of this century. Members of Congress are being bribed and blackmailed to look the other way.  We strongly support any Presidential initiative toward nationalizing the Federal Reserve and ending the practice of borrowing money for federal government operations not approved by Congress (such as foreign wars and assistance to Zionist Israel and to dictators).

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