Mike Adams: Article and Stunning Video on Democrats as the Party of Mass Mental Illness – the Answer? #WalkAway Plus #UNRIG

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Stunning video: See why Democrats are now the party of mass mental illness

“Unhinged” doesn’t even begin to describe the lunatic behavior of left-wing activists. One left-wing professor named Christine Fair recently said that conservative (GOP) senators should be murdered, have their genitals cut off, and then their genitals should be fed to pigs.

Mental illness is now fully embraced by the Left as an asset, not a condition requiring medical intervention. Instead of seeking treatment, these dangerous mentally ill people are seeking power.

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Phi Beta Iota: We salute #WalkAway and urge those who wish to reject either half of the two-party tyranny to learn more about that endeavor. We continue to believe the President should personally endorse #WalkAway while submitting #UNRIG legislation to ensure that in 2020, every eligible voter has both ballot access and a vote that will be counted — that is not true today for 70% of the eligible voters.

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