Mongoose: President Trump is Right on Khashoggi — All the Critics are Deep State Shills and Hypocrits

Ethics, Government

From a counterintelligence point of view, two things stand out:

01 After 9/11 there was not a single pundit calling for a break in relations with the two known culprits, Israel and Saudi Arabia, never mind that 3.000 people were murdered in one day — now we know Dick Cheney was in charge, and no one on the media is calling for him to be held accountable either.

02 There is clear and compelling evidence that the Khashoggi murder is more likely to be part of a coup by princes Bandar and Turki, with Zionist collaboration and the CIA more than happy to help because they all hate the reformist prince.  Alledged calls are too east to fake.

Bottom line: President Trump is right, everyone else is a Deep State shill and hypocrit.

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