Review: Life After Google – The Fall Of Big Data and the Rise of the Blockchain Economy by George Gilder

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George Gilder

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I gave up on this book after 100 pages (it is 320 pages long). I normally do not waste time writing negative reviews  but in this instance think it appropriate to mention that I found it wanting.

The first third, on Google, is so far-fetched in its effusive praise and its articulation of the Google this and Google that I could not get the image out of my head: George Gilder kissing Eric Schmidt's ass.  Over and over and over again.

Remember, I was one of the first to read The  Google Trilogy by Stephen E. Arnold back in the 1990's and because of his extraordinary research skills and post to this  date know more than most.  Google is a one trick pony that indexes less than 4% of the web; it software, its data centers, and its advertising are all collapsing.

I glanced over the last third of the book, on blockchain, and perhaps soured by my experience on the Google end, concluded that the author does not know much about the blockchain world either. I already knew the author knows nothing about big data (or the fact that we process less than 1% of what we have collected).

Argh.  Wasted time and energy, never mind the money.

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