Richard Falk: The New New Anti-Semitism – Hiding Israel’s Crimes of State Behind False Claims of Victimization

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Richard Falk

The new new anti-Semitism

Hiding Israel’s Crimes of State behind false claims of victimization

I along with many others am being victimized these days. They are being labelled anti-Semites, and in some instances, self-hating Jews as well.

This is a Zionist and Israeli effort to shut down our voices and punish our non-violent activism, with special venom directed at the BDS Campaign (Boycott, Divest and Sanctions) because it has become so effective in recent years.

This negative branding of the opposition is being called ‘the new anti-Semitism.’ The old anti-Semitism was simply hatred of Jews as expressed through negative images and attitudes, as well as discriminatory practices, persecution, and vigilante violence.

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ROBERT STEELE: Professor Falk, whom I am honored to know, does not go far enough. The Zionists are also censoring, manipulating, and digitally assassinating conservative and progressive voices that seek to hold the Zionist apartheid genocidal state of Israel accountable for its combination of crimes against humanity and global subversion of cultures, economies, and governments, especially within the USA, which is the financial and military “bitch” of Zionist Israel rooted in Zionist briberty and blackmail of Members of Congress and many others across all domains of governance in the USA.

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