Yoda: Pole Shift, Prophecies, extraterrestrial History of Earth

Cultural Intelligence, Earth Intelligence, Peace Intelligence

Pole Shift, Prophecies and Ascension – The Coming War and the Future of Humanity

Psychotronic weaponry is being deployed under the name of 5G technology. 5g is not one system but a collection of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies designed to work together.

When you cannot trust government for truth or transparency, there are other ways to discover them for yourself: the prophecies.

An interpreter of prophecy who calls himself The Naughty Beaver (NB) cross- references galactic events with the prophecies of Revelation, Nostradamus, Mother Shipton, and the Hopi People to identify where in humanity’s evolutionary timeline we sit. Where others have guessed the dates of Tribulation and pole reversal, NB has mapped out the proof. His message is that we all have a role to play during this critical time of transformation.

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