Anthony Judge: Systemic Function of Highly Unrepresentative Minorities

Cultural Intelligence
Anthony Judge

Systemic Function of Highly Unrepresentative Minorities

Recognizing the role of the “Dark Riders” of social change

Systemic disruption by ten percent or by one percent?
Blaming others as a means of inhibiting social change
Representation: who, when, where, how, why?
Unexplored ambiguity of “radical” and “radicalisation”
Ignoring a heritage of violence?
General systemic phenomenon — beyond the French example?
A question of percentages?
Systemic requirement for the role of Advocatus Diaboli?
A matter of perspective — illustrated by the case of Ukraine?
Coherence through dialogue — as currently practiced?
Coherence through dialogue of another kind?
Ecosystemic inspiration: makers “dancing” with breakers?

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