Doug Macgregor: Jeff Groom on the Military Swamp

Corruption, Idiocy, Ineptitude, Military, Officers Call
Col Dr. Douglas Macgregor

Drowning in the Military Swamp

This Marine officer got out, but he left a dysfunctional, sclerotic bureaucracy behind.


…company commanders had to fit 297 days of mandatory training into 256 available training days.

…is it reasonable now to maintain nearly 160 golf courses across the world when less than half of Marine aircraft can fly according to standards?

As noted in the Heritage assessment, only 40 percent of those [Marine Corps] aircraft could actually fly as of December 2016

In the Army, 21 Brigade Combat Teams  of 4,500 soldiers apiece are required for one major contingency. But in 2017, only three of the 58 were considered ready for combat.

We now have a military that supports the procurement system, rather than the other way around, resulting in ineffective, unreliable, and irrelevant hardware plagued by cost and timeline overruns that span years and gobble up billions.

…our defense policy motto has become “bring me a $717 billion defense bill and I’ll find you an enemy.”

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