Cardinal Joe: Vatican Plans for Palestine & Jerusalem

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Little noted by the media, of enormous import going forward. The role of Russia and the Orthodox Church in the Middle  East, and a new push to protect Christians in the region, cannot be under-estimated.

2000 Basic Agreement between the Holy See and the Palestine Liberation Organisation

2009 The Vatican's Plot to Rob Am Yisrael of Jerusalem

Note: sets stage for events to be unveiled beginning in 2019. None of this is commonly known by Israeli citizens or Americans. This agenda is now going to be activated as the US military pulls out of the Mideast and the CIA, Israeli, Saudi mercenary terror army Isis, Isil, Daesh, is defeated by Russian federation precision air power. The Vatican intends to give land back to Palestinians according to the UN agreements and convert Jerusalem to a universal Globalist city for all religions to mix and morph into a NWO universal religion. The US pullout from Syria is probably due to the Vatican influence and their desire to accomplish their secret agenda for Jerusalem and the Holy Land.

2012 Vatican agrees first treaty with State of Palestine, solidifying relationship

2015 Vatican signs treaty recognizing State of Palestine

2015 Proof Vatican To Build Israel’s Third Temple!


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