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The new word processor wars: A fresh crop of productivity apps are trying to reinvent our workday

For notes and docs, there’s Quip, Notejoy, Slite, Zenkit, Notion and Agenda. For spreadsheets, there’s Bellevue, Wash.-based Smartsheet, as well as Airtable, Coda and, although it’s a very different take on the spreadsheet, Trello. The list goes on seemingly ad infinitum, largely thanks to the relative ease with which developers can launch software in the cloud.

Notejoy and other newer productivity tools like Quip aim to shave five or six of those steps off the process by grouping docs by project and team and allowing everyone involved to review and comment on the work in real-time, chatting within the doc — instead of by e-mail — and getting text-like alerts anytime someone has something to say.

Microsoft has also snatched up some productivity companies, including Wunderlist, Yammer and Intentional Software, which aided the development of Microsoft’s Whiteboard collaboration app.

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Phi Beta Iota: The next big big thing is going to cost $200M to create and it is going to integrate a blockchain distributed economy, a mesh network, a social media displacement for #GoogleGestapo, and all eighteen of the functionalities below, with one log in, one validated identity, and multiple anonymous avatars.

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