Rebecca Campbell: Forget Left and Right – The New Fault-Line is Patriots vs. Globalists

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Forget Left and Right: The New Fault-Line is Patriots versus Globalists

The social divide, which in the USA is openly discussed as a ‘culture war’, was perhaps best conceptualised by David Goodhart in his book The Road to Somewhere.

On one side are Anywheres, the graduate class who populate the upper echelons of our political and cultural institutions, and who dominate professions such as teaching. Upwardly mobile, they have little sense of belonging to their hometown or country. These rootless ‘citizens of the world’ contrast starkly with Somewheres, who value their families, community bonds and nationhood, and who see the impact of globalisation as a threat to their culture.

You are more likely to find Somewheres in the pub, and Anywheres in an expensive, trendy ethnic urban restaurant.

The Somewheres are more numerous – they are the ordinary people.

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Phi Beta Iota: We have previously characterized the divide as being between the 1% and the 99%. Until the 99% understand that they are stronger as a people not as parties, all committed to authenticity, inclusiveness, and truthfulness, they will continue to be divided and conquered by the 1%.

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