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Bob Woodward

3 Stars — A Great Deal of Disinformation, Some Useful Bits

I was not planning to spend time or money on Bob Woodward's new book — he is a known agent of the Deep State — but I was trapped in an airport for several hours, and relented.

Let's start with the obvious disinformation — Woodward can simply not be trusted to tell the truth about the world we live in:

01 Russians hacked the election

02 NATO is successful

03 Total bullshit on Korea — the Mattis line

04 Perpetuates 9/11 Al Qaeda myths

05 Avoids all discussion of Zionist influence in Washington (e.g. owning Jared Kushner, Epstein blackmail) and Zionist threat in the Middle East

06 Presents Syrian gas attacks sponsored by Israel and Saudi Arabia and US as if they were real attacks by real terrorists (who were actually created by Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the US)

07 Grotesquely overstates John Brennan's “vast” experience — Brennan was a political ass kissing analyst similar to Bob Gates and George Tenet — while ignoring Brennan's roles as Buzzy Krongard's deputy in the illegal Gold War against Russia

08 Mis-represents Charlottesville, which was a false flag, and mis-represents the alt-right actors as white supremacists while ignoring the alt-left actors as both funded and actors.

09 Totally misrepresents the President on illegal immigration and fails to properly present the President's correct position on both ending chain immigration starting with an illegal lying about their circumstances, and ending tourism and illegal alien birthright

10 He states on page 330 and without qualification that China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran have  the power to shut down the US power grid.  This is absolute bullshit.

Bob Woodward is an old whore of a Deep State propagandist — he hardly deserves the title of journalist in an era when shit-heads like  Abilio James Acosta are the standard — and cannot be trusted.

Having said that, he earns three stars for providing a number of useful notes.

Let's start with the one quote worthy of notice:

QUOTE (298): The populist movement had shown that it didn't have the force to break through the permanent political class.  Trump has been the armor-piercing shell that could pierce the Clinton part, but not the rest.

This is the one point in Woodward's book that I agree with: Trump has opened the door and taken down the 1% (I wait with bated breath for the arrests, gold-backed dollar, nationalization of  the Federal Reserve, and radical reduction of the national debt when Trump finishes recovering at least half of the stolen $43 trillion from the banks), but he has failed completely with respect to empowering and lifting up the 99%.

Woodward also gets credit from me for saying publicly that the Christopher Steele dossier was garbage (the dossier is now known to have been funded by the DNC and used by FBI to break the law against Trump, getting FISA warrants with poisoned information)

Here is the major insight into Trump that Woodward touches on but does not have the integrity to report on in honest fullness: Trump is a master of leverage.  Trump is a genius at devising confrontations that give him leverage. The book opens with a breathless paean to Deep State globalist and Zionist sayonim Gary Cohn for stealing a letter that would have suspended the US – Korean Free Trade Agreement. Woodward is actively, maliciously ignoring the the final sentence in that letter as shown on page xxiii:

“During this period, the United States is prepared to negotiate with the Republic of Korea on economic issues of concern to both countries.”

What Woodward refuses to acknowledge is that this was Trump's way of creating leverage.  Sheer genius undermined by all the globalist toadies surrounding Trump.

Here are my fly-leaf notes, the bits of value in Woodward's book; key sources for the book appear to have been Steve Bannon and Rob Porter.

  • Bannon: Trump is Archie Bunker but smarter
  • Bannon: three keys are illegal immigration, manufacturing jobs, and ending pointless wars
  • Bannon: win the electoral college by focusing on each state individually — campaign in each state as if you are running for governor of that state
  • Bannon good at scorched earth
  • Bannon was main source for Fire & Fury, Trump knew this
  • Chinese target their manufacturing and other investments to the Congressional District level — they understand US politics at that level
  • Conway: “hidden voter” matters
  • Dowd, Trump's lawyer until Trump refused to follow his advice, was the first to suggest to Trump, as I have, that the press be thrown out of the White House
  • Graham (Lindsey) is not an American Firster and is blindly committed to more money for the military [not in this book is Graham's being known as a gay who leverages his reserve Colonel status to engage with enlisted men on Air Force bases]
  • Ivanka and Jared are a cancer in the White House — loose cannons, family second guessers constantly undermining the staffing process
  • Kelly: Trump is unhinged
  • Mnuchin sucks at both fund-raising and getting along with Congress
  • Preibus: Trump won because the RNC had a ground game and a data base
  • Trump did not want a transition team, angry over Christie's trying to create one and raising $9 million to pay for it — Trump obsessive about controlling money and not spending on anything he does not understand the value of
  • Trump has no chemistry with McMaster but hired him based on the news cycle, never mind that Macmaster was a Never Trumper and not recommended by the Chief of Staff of the Army who favored General Bob Caslen
  • Trump likes ten minute meetings but will spend 6-8 hours watching television, Fox live and TIVO recordings of MSNBC and CNN
  • Trump wanted out of Afghanistan, insisted on speaking with senior enlisted men who confirmed Trump's view (as do I) that we should leave Afghanistan
  • Trump understood that the Chinese are mining rare minerals in Afghanistan without paying for a war there, while we pay for a war and get nothing
  • Trump does not want to pay for defense of Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Germany without getting something for it — Woodward won't admit this but I  think Trump is totally correct on these points — we need to close all our bases
  • Trump is forgetful — he will make a decision or give an order and then forget it, if his staff is disloyal as Kelly and Porter appear to be, and there is no trigger to remind him, a good two thirds of his decisions go nowhere
  • USA: 25% of the US population earns a living driving a vehicle — automated vehicles will radically increase the unemployment challenge [Woodward evidently knows nothing about true cost economics, the responsible president would be oposing self-driving vehicles, 5G, geo-engineering, and many other technical “solutions” that are actually weapons systems against the public.
  • Zionists gamed Jared Kushner with MbS and $110B in contracts from Saudi Arabia [which Rex Tillerson among others knew would generally not materialize] to secure Trump's first official visit to Saudi Arabia and Israel

I put the book down with a better appreciation of the degree to which Trump is undermined and bad-mouthed by the very people he has put in power. I can see where Trump is mercurial and obsessive and sometimes flat out wrong, but my bottom line is that Trump has the right instincts and he is being screwed over my his own aides including Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, neither of whom have any business  being in the White House — one is probably an enemy agent and the other is a child who thinks “First Daughter” is some kind of super-Cabinet position.

Trump was elected as change agent. He has done his best in the fact of massive opposition and constant internal staff betrayal enabled by his own impulsiveness in putting losers with private agendas into place. Trump cannot finish the job with his present staff and temperament.  I am predicting that he will be defeated in the Republican primaries by a more balanced candidate who shows the Republicans how they can win over half the voters that are not now active or committed to the deeply flawed Zionist Democratic Party represented by Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz, all arguably traitors who should be indicted and sent to Guantanamo.

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