Mongoose: Legacy of George H. W. Bush

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Political Succession and “The Bush-Clinton Nexus”: Permanent Criminal State. The Legacy of George Herbert Walker Bush

The atrocities and crimes of the Bush family, headed by George Herbert Walker Bush, are unspeakable and unimaginable in depravity and scale.

  • Decades of war, war crimes, and treason.
  • Global narcotics trafficking, money laundering, fraud and financial looting.
  • Mass murder, assassination; the extermination of political enemies and whistleblowers.
  • The absolute criminalization of military and intelligence agencies, and the corruption of entire governments, across all political parties.
  • Devastation and violence in every corner of the planet, from the killing fields of Asia to the Middle East and Latin America, to the United States itself.
  • The institutionalization of terrorism, criminal cover-up and The Big Lie.

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Secret war centers on SWIFT after George Bush Sr. is executed

Pentagon sources, for their part, said U.S. President Donald “Trump was careful not give Bush 41 a state funeral, as this executed criminal was denied a horse and caisson like Reagan got.”




Deathbed confessions, photos support claims that George H. Scherf(f), Jr., was the 41st U.S. president


Air Cocaine: Poppy Bush, the Contras and a Secret Airbase in the Backwoods of Arkansas

Crimes of the Bush dynasty

Criminal History: BCCI, the Bushes … and Mueller

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The Ignored Legacy of George H.W. Bush: War Crimes, Racism, and Obstruction of Justice

Gordon Duff Eulogy:

Saying Goodbye to a [Decent] President

George H.W. Bush watched as a shadow government was formed in Washington. He didn’t fully understand what was going on until he was buried in his final election campaign, and by that time, it was too late to do anything from within a crippled White House where everyone around him had been compromised.

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: I hold Gordon Duff in very high regard (and was surprised to be mentioned). As with all of us — me, Gordon, Benjamin Fulford, others — the truth is always somewhere in the middle. Gordon is one of those very few priceless commentators who has both had direct access at the highest levels and is prone to tell the truth as he knows it, and that is priceless.  Sometimes a little disinformation is necessary here and there.  I for one am skeptical with respect to GHWB's complete loyalty to the Constitution and the Republic but I am willing to meet Gordon halfway and praise God that Dick Cheney is still available for deep persistent interrogation.  I pray God that the day comes when Dick Cheney is locked in a room and not allowed to leave until he has made full disclosure of all the Zionist and other crimes to which he has been a party since 1988 if not further back. Dick Cheney was Chief of Staff to Gerald Ford, Secretary of Defense to GHWB, and Vice President to George W. Bush. It is my view that Dick Cheney is the absolute top of the pyramid when it comes to long-lasting US traitors. Dick Cheney, in my view, is ten times the criminal that Bill and Hillary Clinton have been, and Dick Cheney, in my view, must be taken down before we can reasonably take down the Clintons and Obamas and the United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia and others who have been so easily spun in the Zionist web. I continue  to believe in Truth & Reconciliation and would be happy to have Cheney survive to die a natural death in his own bed — but I do want the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth out of him before he dies.

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