SPECIAL: Review: The Shadow President – The Truth About Mike Pence

4 Star, Biography & Memoirs
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Michael D'Antonio & Peter  Eisner

4 Stars — Hit Job on Trump, Destroys Pence

This book buries Mike Pence — ignorant, lazy, delusional, ambitious beyond his abilities. Although I remove one star for the relatively low-brow trashing of our President (Donald Trump), on balance the authors have rendered a stellar public service with this book.  Not only will Mike Pence never be President, but if God's plan plays out as I anticipate, he will not be Vice President in 2020.

The authors establish, with excellent references and clear writing, all of the reasons why Mike Pence should be dropped from the Trump ticket in 2020, and ideally be retired even sooner.

Here are my notes

  • Pence's humility is false — he is certain God wants him to be President
  • He is more interested in the status of the job than doing the job
  • He is ruthless & a passive aggressive — he hides his vitrol well
  • He lives in an alternative reality that deifies white Christian supremacists and predatory capitalism — the ends will always justify the means — one source suggests that Pence “sold himself to ambition at the expense of ideals”
  • He believes his version of the Church should rule the state — Christian
  • He is a Zionist through and through — Israel First, not America First
  • He was not popular in the House of Representatives, did very little there
  • George Will called him “America's most repulsive public figure”
  • In college he ratted out his entire fraternity
  • Pence whipped his children with a belt for infractions
  • Pence would not let his children speak at the dinner table
  • He is heavily indebted to drug and health care industry donors
  • He tried every possible dirty trick in his campaigns
  • He is extreme in his opposition to science and belief in magical Christianity
  • He is close to Erik Prince of Blackwater notoriety
  • He is anti-gay (but has a compulsive need to rub the shoulders of other men)
  • He is anti-marijuana
  • He is totally committed to striking down Roe v. Wade
  • He is not intellectually curious
  • He was a failure as governor
  • He was positively cruel in not pardoning black man Keith Cooper despite recantation of all evidence against him and universal advice to do so

Pence in the White House notes:

  • High marks to Pence for public devotion to Trump
  • High marks to Pence for showing the flag ably abroad
  • He took over transition when Christie as fired
  • He has outer space as his portfolio
  • He failed completely at election reform (voter fraud)
  • Nick Ayers, his Chief of Staff, is owned by the Koch Brothers

The authors are much too protective of the Podestas, denying that there is anything about their art collection and emails that suggests they are both pedophiles; and the authors totally buy into the lies form James Clapper and John Brennan with respect to Russians meddling in to the point of “hacking” the US election, which is absolute nonsense.

The authors do not mention Troy Smith and the allegations of Troy Smith that Pence is a murderous pedophile. Troy Smith was murdered by an Indiana State Trooper under questionable circumstances after his video accusations.

I put the book down thinking to myself that the worst possible future Chief of Staff for President Donald Trump could be Nick Ayers, who will be an agent in place for the Koch Brothers and others from the right-wing of the Deep State; and thinking that part of Trump's problem is that he never grasped that control of the US Government depends on people and intelligence.

Fewer than 1/5th of the key positions are occupied by Trump loyalists — Pence has filled 1/5th and the GOP/Congressional (gay) mafia another 1/5th, with 1/5th vacant (it might be more). There is no Presidential Academy or means of ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

Combine this with what the authors do not address — Dick Cheney running the rogue elements of the US Government via the Continuity of Government program and the lunacy of having Jared Kushner (Pretty Boy) in the White House as a direct agent of a foreign power, while also having Ivanka Kushner (Daddy's Girl) prancing on the world stage in her naivete there solely because Daddy likes looking at  her — and you have the death of the Trump presidency in years three and four.

Pence must go.  The President needs a female, preferably of color with Congressional experience (Cynthia McKinney comes to mind), and he needs to introduce #UNRIG Election Reform Act of 2019 and a two-way truth channel, also in 2019, if he is to both gain re-election and have a Congress that is not controlled by one party — ideally with one third of the seats occupied by Members from small parties or Independent.

Pence was valuable in the first campaign — Roger Stone and Paul Manafort were absolutely right to recommend him as a bridge to the Christian right — but now we must move to the next level and this book makes it absolutely clear that Pence will not pull his weight and cannot keep up.

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