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Robert David STEELE Vivas

A Fake News item that is conceptually sound but factually incorrect, has been published, President Trump Begins Purge Of Main Stream Media – Finally.

According to this article, the elements of the Trump Truth Channel will be as follows, all as allegedly included in the National Defense Act (false):

First – The President is establishing a US Government Television News Channel to be run by the US Agency For Global Media

  • The Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) has been renamed. The BBG is totally worthless and will never amount to anything. Name change only. The US Information Agency (USIA) could be restored, or an Open Source Agency created, either of those would be serious, BBG is not serious. There is also the matter of the Smith-Mundt Act as revised, which still makes it legal to lie to the US public using taxpayer dollars. BBG cannot be trusted absent
  • U.S. Agency for Global Media

Second – He is supporting the merger of The Blaze and CRTV to create a conservative News Agency reaching over 165 Million People via Television and Social Media.

Third – Perry Stock, CEO of Nexstar just signed a deal to make them the largest operator of local TV Stations.

Fourth – Trump Billionaire Friend Tom Hicks is now buying Warner Media – Including CNN

  • Not true.  First, Tom Hicks is the money man behind Nexstar and second AT&T bought Time Warner, which would be very cool if AT&T knew anything about content and sense-making tools, which it does not. TIME & CNN are the gems covered in liberal shit, it will take years to cleanse & redirect them.
  • AT&T Completes Acquisition of Time Warner Inc.

Trump Friend John Malone’s Liberty Media is preparing to buy iHeartmedia – a huge media company.

  • iHeartMedia is bankrupt. It is indeed the largest radio company in America and this has potential, but again, absent a holistic approach to a truth channel that includes social media, sharing, and a Presidential dashboard to “hear” 200 million voters, this will go down the drain.
  • Liberty Media angling to snag post-bankruptcy iHeartMedia

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There is no question but that the President — both the incumbent President and any future President — need a modern means of communicating with, educating, and hearing from 200 million voters. Such a capability should logically be extended to be replicable in other countries by other Presidents, and also useful for our President to impact on publics in other countries.

Nothing we have now functions as it should, and no one now working for the President is capable of creating a truth channel that fully integrates cyber-value, cyber-tools, cyber-sharing, and cyber-voice.

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