Evan Ellis: China in Latin America — the Ecuador Case with Sidebars on Venezuela and Bolivia

02 China, 03 Economy, 07 Venezuela, 08 Wild Cards, Commerce, Commercial Intelligence, Government, Peace Intelligence

While this article was written prior to President Moreno's December 2018 trip to the PRC (securing a new $900 million loan), you may find this article a useful sector-by-sector analysis of the relationship, with a comparison to China's relationship with Venezuela and Bolivia, as well as discussion of President Moreno's attempt to secure more equitable contract terms for his country.

PDF (18 Pages): 2018 Ellis China Ecuador

Phi Beta Iota: The headquarters of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) is in Quito, Ecuador. A clever stratagem by the Chinese would be to offer to create a mulitional Open Source Agency adjacent to UNASUR HQS in Quito, and gradually get a grip on all overt information across Latin America. The US has wasted 30 years during which it could have become an open source superpower for good.

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