Jesse Ventura & Steve Greer: UFOs & Aliens (YouTube, 26:07)

Extraterrestial Intelligence

Description and Key Quote Below the Fold

Jesse Ventura and Doctor Steven Greer answer social media questions from the viewers. They discuss the Pentagon’s UFO program and submarines that allegedly track underwater UFOs.

Dr Steven Greer: “We should have had disclosure since 1954: the US military have known about the ET propulsion systems since that long and had it been disclosed then, we would not have had all the wars, the famines, the pollution from oil, gas, coal and nuclear.  Unfortunately, there are so many geopolitical interests at stake that even now, the resistance is nearly impossible to break.  The money people have created and control this fascistic civilization and the big power is in the financial system.  The Chinese have been more open and forthcoming than the US.  I have no doubt that the radio telescope they built is constantly picking up on flying objects.  Whether it was designed for that purpose, I don't know.  I have founded the disclosure project to force disclosure  and help people with information to come forward.  And since all those projects are illegal, if whistle-blowers are harassed or eliminated, ultimately, it will end up in many, many courts and blow the subject wide open.

Our movie “Unacknowledged” has been one of the most watched documentaries of 2017.”

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