Steve Morton: Robert Mueller Role in FBI Cover-Up of Patent Theft by Lockheed (James Comey) Partner Fincantieri Sanctioned by Department of State (Hillary Clinton) — Is Obama-Era Rachael Weaver in House Oversight Working with Rogue FBI to Stop This Investigation?

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In brief, James Comey (Lockheed) and Hillary Clinton (Department of State), with the complicity of Robert Mueller (Federal Bureau of Investigation) conspired to steal our patented defense technology for applying tefflon-like super coatings to aviation and naval vessels using computer controlled robotics. This is especially helpful to sensitive stealth coatings.

Below the fold: two emails and three attachments.

Email #1:

On Thu, Jan 3, 2019 at 11:46 PM Steve Morton <> wrote:

Dear Mr. Steele,

I have just been watching an SGT Reports video on YouTube with the moderator (Shawn?) interviewing you on the Subject:  “Treason, Arrests Imminent, Rothschilds, Bush, Chaney, Bill, Hillary, Obama+”.

I was personally involved in a 3 ½ year long FBI investigation into the theft of our patented Defense Technology while Robert Mueller was the Director of the FBI, but our case was suddenly shut down just as it was going to a Grand Jury.

If you will take the time to look at the information that I am sending you, I believe that you will see that this is not an insignificant account.

My name is John Stephen Morton and I am the inventor and patent holder for a number of US patents for the computer controlled application of coatings to marine vessel surfaces.

Some quick background:  My Florida company, Visions East, Inc. had constructed and delivered one of the world’s largest robotic systems to a shipyard in Sweden in 2004 (our minority shareholder is a Swedish billionaire) but the billionaire wanted to take control of our new technology, so he, my Vice President and the company that I had hired to build his system decided to go into business with my technology, but without me, the inventor.

I took them ( my Vice President, my Swedish shareholder and others) to District Court in Miami, Florida in 2005, but the day before our hearing, my attorney suddenly stepped down, but incredibly, the Judge, Marsha Cooke held the hearing anyway and she sent our case to the Hague? after only 2 ½ hours of testimony without our being allowed to call a single witness (the Complaint is attached, 3rd ).

The only thing that I could think to do was to go to the FBI.  Years earlier, I happened to meet the #3 at the FBI under Hoover, Deke Deloach (his son and I had played on the Soccer team together when I was in college!) I called Mr. Deloach after many years thinking that he would never remember me, but he did and he told me to go to the North Miami office of the FBI.

They took the case a few months after Judge Cooke kangarooed us out of District court in Miami.

I was an active member of the investigation from the beginning and after 3 ½ years (2006 to 2010), the lead agent took me to the Assistant US Attorney’s office (Harry Wallace) who told me that they had enough evidence that they were taking our FBI case to a Grand Jury.  I was elated.  One month later, the same lead agent called me and told me that the case had suddenly been shut down.  I asked him why, when the AUSA had told me (with the lead agent standing in the room) just a month earlier that the case was going to a Grand Jury.  He told me that Harry Wallace had been transferred and the new AUSA (a woman) “didn’t like my case”!  I asked him why and he said “If I told you, I would get in trouble”.

The rich bad guys keep knocking me down, but I keep getting back up.  But now, I am 67 years old so, if I can’t get some help soon, I will never get this vital technology back.

By now, it was 2011.

I didn’t know what to do, but I remembered that I had met my Congressman, Allen West.  So, I bothered Allen West’s Chief of Staff, Jonathan Blythe for a month until  Congressman West sent his letter (attached, 1st above) to Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, Darrell Issa. The House Oversight investigator, Rafael Maryahin contacted me and I sent him lots of evidence and House Oversight started an investigation into why the FBI had suddenly halted their investigation (DOJ case # 288A-MM-109951).

What was the subject of the FBI’s investigation?

The FBI had been investigating the theft of our robotic ship painting technology by a partnership of Lockheed and Italian shipbuilding giant, Fincantieri, who together had secured a 3.6 Billion dollar DOD contract to build Littoral Combat Ships (LCS)!

I am attaching a copy of the April, 2011 fax that I sent to Chairman Issa (attached 2nd) that tells our story as briefly as possible.

As you may imagine, the US Navy was very interested in our robotic ship painting and I had been presenting our technology at Navy conferences since 2004 (see Navy Whitepaper 4th )

Chairman Issa did open a House Oversight investigation into why the FBI shutdown would shut down our case just when it was supposed to go to a Grand Jury in 2010 (when Hillary was Secretary of State, Comey was VP and Chief Council of Lockheed and Robert Mueller was the Director of the FBI), but the FBI made a claim that their our case was still ongoing (see 5th attachment) so House Oversight felt compelled to stand down.

In fact, when the FBI made the claim that our case was still being investigated in 2011, our case had been shut down for 6 months.  How do I know this?  That’s because the lead agent in the case,

Michael P. (Paul) Betancourt had told me that our case was being shut down 1 month after the Assistant US Attorney, Harry Wallace had told me to my face that our case was going to a Grand Jury (see business cards that I carried for 4 years, attached 6th).  It wasn’t until 6 months later, after House Oversight had opened their investigation that the FBI had claimed that our case was still ongoing.  When they made that claim, I called agent Betancourt to ask if the FBI had reopened our case.  He told me that our case was still closed and that was the last time that I heard from him.

Mr. Steele,  I will take a polygraph and answer any questions that you or anyone wants to ask me.  I would like to testify in front of House Oversight the in the same way that Katherine Engelbrecht did when her organization, True the Vote was terrorized by the IRS.

I believe that the FBI was ordered to close down our investigation because a Grand Jury would have discovered that Secretary of State Clinton was operating another Pay to Play with Lockheed (while James Comey was Lockheed’s Vice President) and Fincantieri and profiting off of the 3.6 billion dollar DOD shipbuilding contract, in a similar fashion that Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation had been SCAMMING people and businesses and governments for decades.

I further believe that, as head of the FBI, Robert Mueller knew very well that if our case went to a Grand Jury, that he would lose his job and might even be prosecuted.

I think that our case can provide President Trump with the ammunition to fire and indict Robert Mueller

Below, I have attached 3 links, below. The first is to a True Pundit article about our situation.  The second link is to a 2nd story that True Pundit produced recently and the third link is to a Conservative Daily Post article that was posted on the web on July 30th of this year.

These articles have helped to keep our story “smoldering” but it hasn’t caught fire.  I believe that this is the Big Brother to the Uranium One Treason.

Why is that?  Because the Navy’s most critical coatings work is the application of Sonar absorbing material, not on surface ships.  Our system is perfect for that application.

The B-2 bomber is not the number 1 weapons system in the US arsenal.

Mueller & Holder Shut Down FBI Investigation of Stolen U.S. Stealth Defense Technology Implicating Lockheed Martin, While Comey Was Lockheed’s Top Lawyer

Mueller’s FBI Lied to Shut Down Congressional Investigation of Stolen Stealth Defense Technology, Then Comey’s Defense Firm Made Billions

FBI Covered Up Theft Of Stealth Technology As Favor To Clinton Donor

Mr. Steele, I hope that you will contact me so that we can provide the American people with the Truth about the incredible corruption that is destroying our country and will take over the world

if it is not stopped.

Yours truly,
Stephen Morton
Visions East, Inc.
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Tel (954) 298-1445

Email #1 Attachment #1

Email #1 Attachment #2

From:                                         John Wegand
Sent:                                          Wednesday, April 30, 2014 11:37 AM
To:                                                Steve Morton
Cc:                                               John Wegand; Mark Ingle; ; Hays, Richard A Mr OSD ATL; Cameron Miller, Contractor, Code 6138; Jimmy Tagert; James R. Martin; Paul Slebodnick; Edward Lemieux [EMAILS REDACTED]
Subject:                                     Visions East robotic bottom painting system
Attachments:                          NSRP Abstract–Robotic Anti-fouling system.doc

Sir:  First, thank you for all information that you forwarded on this technology. Second, sorry for a delayed response.

From a purely technical position, the Navy would be interested in technology that would provide better quality with reduced cost related to underwater hull and freeboard painting, particularly one that would assist in the implementation of improved coatings. Given the improvements in manufacturing, in particular, in the auto industry over the past 30 years, computer controlled robotic systems have proven to provide a more efficient and reliable, at a reduced cost, coating (heavy, light, sealant, etc.) application. This technology is being reviewed to determine if it is applicable to Navy needs and application requirements. The Navy, and DoD on whole are focused on reducing maintenance (corrosion) costs and improving quality (assurance and control); therefore, we would be very interested in following the development, and assist in it’s demonstration and possible transition once the technology maturity is at the appropriate level.  Based on your attached abstract and information shared, the following points are of interest, particularly for the shipyard environment:

  • Greater uniformity of application (quality control)
  • Greater speed (production)
  • 24/7 operation (without overtime costs associated with manual labor)
  • Increased data collection (e.g., real time wet film thickness measurement)
  • Reduced environmental impact due to:
    • Collection of removed coatings
    • Higher transfer efficiency of coatings application
  • Material savings due to higher transfer efficiency of coatings application
  • Worker safety—workers spend far less time in the work envelope (under the vessel) and less VOC exposure
  • Reduced coatings errors—if the paint containers are fitted with barcode labels, the system will only operate if the specified coating is loaded in the system
  • Flexibility:
    • The system is capable of manipulating heavy, awkward and dangerous tools (e.g., UHP water blasting, flame spray/metalizing, laser coating ablation tools, and gelcoat peelers)
    • The system is capable of mixing and applying a wide variety of single and multi-component coatings products

Further, the fact that Visions East has already designed and installed a more complicated marine coatings system—one that sprays filler, mills, sands and paints—is a testament of your capabilities and understanding of the technology. To reiterate, we would be very interested in tracking this technology as you develop the concept through the private sector, and possibly discussing the assessment of the technology for U.S. Navy applications once it reaches a working prototype level.

Please keep in touch on your technical progress/development. Thank you.


John Wegand
Center for Corrosion Science and Engineering
Naval Research Laboratory, Code 6130
(202) 404-8768 office / (202) 329-8717

Email #1 Attachment #3

Email #2

Steve Morton

Fri, Jan 4, 9:46 PM (7 hours ago)

Hello Robert, I have reached out to literally hundreds of politicians, business people and others for help and you are one of a very few who has even bothered to answer my petition.

Yes, you have my permission to post my e-mail and attachments.

I would also direct you to the website for our once rocketing company, Visions East, Inc. ( where you can find additional information about our technology.

Unfortunately, the contact phone number displayed on that website is no longer active due to the financial drain that I have been under for quite a few years now.

If you would like to present any part of this information to the SGT Report, that would be fine with me as well.

Below, left is a recent picture of yours truly and you can find many pictures of our tracked system design on the website and a photo of our mobile/trackless system attached, above.The mobile system is shown with a surface preparation tool poised to grit blast a curved surface with great efficiency.

This is a shape that is similar to the shape of certain vessels that our mobile system could blast and apply coatings to under computer control, with great accuracy and unmatched speed.I have taken the liberty of attaching an e-mail that I received from John Wegand at the Naval Research Lab in 2014 after he and 2 other engineers came to Fort Lauderdale to meet with me and an associate.  If you look at the names that are copied on Mr. Wegand’s e-mail, those names represent some of the top people in Navy coatings development.

In April of 2016, we (Visions East) received an “NRL Proposal For Initial Navy Effort to Assess – Underwater Hull Robotic Application System”.   That “Effort” was a 2 year build out of a prototype system for the Navy to Assess.  The contract value was more than $700,000 dollars which would have been more than enough to build a working prototype.

I say “would have been” because something or someone stopped the progress that was leading to our building a prototype that would be able to prepare and apply coatings to ship surfaces using “Tesla style” technology.  I use the name Tesla for 2 reasons: 1. Because Nikola Tesla was a man with a great idea that was taken from him by greedy people, and 2. The current Tesla car factory (in California) employs robotic systems built by the world’s largest robotics company, Fanuc Robotics (please see the 3rd attachment, above).

Having a letter from the world’s largest robotics company, inviting me to bring the US Navy to their main headquarters facility (the most advanced facility of it’s kind in the world) is supremely frustrating.  Just think of the possibilities.  I have designs in my head.  I won’t put them on paper.  Please, Robert, if you can help to take the giant SES hand off of our little company, I would be indebted to you.

Yours truly,
Stephen Morton
Visions East, Inc. (what’s left of it)
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Tel (954) 298-1445

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: Over the years I have read a number of items, now vanished from the Internet, about how Hillary Clinton as a lawyer, and James Comey as a lawyer, specialized in patent theft.  I have no direct knowledge but I absolutely believe the above claims by Stephen Morton. This kind of thing appears to happen over and over again, and as Matt Taibbi has documented, the “little guy” always loses in a rigged system where the FBI and the courts (judges) are bought and paid for.

See Especially:

Antechinus: TPP Legal Attrocity — Parallel Legal System Joins Existing 1% versus 99% “Divide” to Further Screw the Public

SchwartzReport: Matt Taibbi on the Legal Divide — Two Justice Systems — Criminalization of Poverty Among the 99%, Impunity for the 1%

Matt Taibi: The Divide – American Injustice in the Age of the Wealth Gap — Legal Immunity for the 1%, Criminalization of Everything for the 99%

See Also:

Comey has long history of cases ending favorable to Clintons

Copyrights and patents, piracy and theft

Patent Theft as a Business Strategy

Was America’s Industrial Revolution Based on Trade Secret Theft?

Email #3


I provided proof to the FBI that Lockheed’s DOD contract partner, Fincantieri (the Italian shipbuilding giant) was stealing our technology but I don’t have direct proof that Lockheed is or was stealing our robotic technology.  Thomas Paine at True Pundit (real name Michael Moore) researched what I gave him and his govt. contacts gave him confirmation that my story was true, but I don’t want to accuse Lockheed of theft when I know that it is their partner, Fincantieri.  (Could you change the title to say “…..FBI Cover-Up of Patent Theft by Lockheed’s partner, Fincantieri …”?

Did you read the Allen West letter to Darrell Issa?  It is in the 2 True Pundit articles but I am attaching it above.  West names Fincantieri and Darrell Issa took action and opened a House Oversight investigation.  Our FBI case had been shut down for 6 months, but when the House Oversight investigator contacted the FBI’s Cyber Division (theft of e-mails falls to that division), the Asst, Director, Gordon Snow claimed that their investigation was STILL ONGOING—a Big Lie, but good enough to get House Oversight to stop their investigation (see 2nd attachment)!

In 2017, with Trump in office, I reached out to House Oversight Whistleblowers and sent them a load of proof.  The staffer was excited and told me that my case was going to the head of the line.

I called back a week later and the Staffer told me that my case was sitting on the desk of Rachael Weaver, House Oversight Senior Advisor.  I tried several times to contact her but she would NEVER take my calls.  I looked her up on LinkedIn and she came to House Oversight in 2011, under the Kenyan.  I believe that there are still MANY Leftists that are dug in in the DOJ and Congress.

I believe that Rachael Weaver is one of them and she is quietly keeping my story from re-opening our closed (by an FBI LIE) House Oversight investigation.

If our 3 ½ year FBI case had been allowed to go to a Grand Jury, I believe that the Hillary, Comey, Mueller operation would have been exposed and could very well exceed the size and scope of the Uranium One Pay to Play scandal.  And it would get current Special Council Robert Mueller fired from his job running a never ending witch hunt and most likely indicted.


Stephen Morton

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