John McAfee: Uninstalling Government

Collective Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence, Peace Intelligence

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ROBERT  STEELE: John's voice is essential to the open public debate that is going to transform America in the post-Trump era. Think of Trump as the big guy with the thick neck that knocked down the door so the rest of us could flee the burning bar.  While our timing and methods may differ, I totally agree with John — and millions of others — who believe that the IRS is unconstitutional and should be eliminated. I look forward to funding a national Chautauqua that includes a legitimate candidate from each party including the Republican and Democratic Party, to show America what Authentic, Inclusive, Truthful looks like. This will be an educational road show. My personal alternative to the IRS is the Automated Payment Transaction (APT) Tax that not incidentally (sorry, John) is collected from every transaction including stock, currency, and cyber transactions — bottom up. I intend to challenge the unconstitutional and unratified 17th amendment, and put the federal budget back under the control of the fifty sovereign states.

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Automated Payment Transaction Tax

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