Robert Steele: First Wives & Former Spies Et Al Form Alliance to Go After Cheating Billionaires (Out of Court)

Cultural Intelligence

There is a massive opportunity emergent that by-passes the dysfunctional legal systems of the US and UK. It joins the “First Wives” of billionaires who have cheated them, with former spies and uncorrupted retired police detectives as well as uncorrupted journalists who can drive billionaires (and corporations in the USA that collaborate with them in illegal offshore banking activities) into bankruptcy and disgrace outside the court that is not responsive to the legitimate claims of cheated wives today.

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‘First wives club’ fights for justice from the divorce courts

A group of women, led by Michelle Young, who feel the divorce courts have left them short-changed have joined forces to help others in their position

ROBERT STEELE: As Chief Counsel for the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse I managed an additional session at our London seating in April 2018 where I learned from retired and active police commissioners and others the depth and breadth of the corruption of the UK legal system that monetizes children, the elderly, and dismissed wives. Six compelling videos are available at  In as much as the legal path is so clogged with corruption, there is only one legal way of achieving justice outside the legal arena: via media and public shaming and discrediting to the point of bankruptcy.  I think these women are on to something, and that a small group of perhaps 100 dismissed impoverished spouses of billionaires can create an investment opportunity that will provide a 100-fold return. Instead of #MeToo which really was more of a cover for kicking out pedophiles, I think of #DivineJustice. Women who marry and bear children should not be treated as prostitutes who can be thrown to the curb with impunity. The legal system is not working, a new approach within the rule of law but outside the corrupted legal system is needed, I believe in this “First Wives” endeavor and I will support it with my own network of retired spies and police detectives.


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