Review: Walking Among Us – The Alien [extraterrestrial] Plan to Control Humanity

4 Star, Intelligence (Extra-Terrestrial)
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David M. Jacobs, PhD

4 stars –Worthy singular perspective, a fraction of the total kaleidoscope

I read this book on the flight across the Atlantic to meet someone claiming to be an extraterrestrial resident on earth in full hybrid form.

On balance, based primarily on extensive reading of others who claim to have direct access, and on my direct experience with several others, I find the author and the book worthy of study, but somewhat misrepresentative of a vastly more complicated cosmic whole.

In brief, I believe the author to be credible and authentic in his articulation of what I consider to be truthful debriefings of numerous abductees who have been co-opted by a singular alien chain of command led by insectoids using tall grays as foremen, short grays as worker bees, and human adductees as facilitators and trainers for deliberately spawned hybrid humans intended to ultimately take over the planet.

HOWEVER, not only is the book severely limited in its coverage of the totality of the cosmic demography, assuming it is dealing with a singular dominant element, but it also suggests, in its own pages, that alien control of the human “mob” prone to spontaneous violence is unlikely to happen.

The book also assumes that government(s) are not aware and this I am pretty sure is absolutely wrong.

The book provides long extracts from transcripts of interviews with fourteen abductees selected from a much larger pool, and I find it a useful window into one limited aspect of Earth contact with extraterrestrials (or stellar civilization as I am told they prefer to be called — “alien” is a slur).

The book is somewhat tedious for its reliance on extensive transcripts as the meat of the book, but in fairness to the author there is no other better way to communicate what the abductees experienced than in their own words.

A few highlights for me:

The author estimates that millions have been abducted. He focuses on abduction for learning and control and does not go into abduction for experimentation (other than breeding) and nutrition.

Adrenalin rushes negate alien mind-control. Humans when fully energized cannot be subdued or manipulated by this particular set of aliens. The sub-set of this idea is that weapons in the far future and other dimensions are rooted in energy and consciousness, not “kinetic” or “heavy metal.”

It is very hard for this specific breed of hybrid to blend in.  They are so telepathetic they cannot read or interact with “analog” information; they are so accustomed to an energy environment that all of our artifacts from furniture to telephones and televisions and so forth are totally foreign. They lack the lifetime of tacit knowledge build-up on social interaction, artifact use and so on.

They have no music, no art, and no free will (this specific manifestation). They are accustomed to being told what to do from the top down.

Buried in the book is the suggestion that humans are fully capable of routine telepathy as well as mind-control over objects, but that has been disconnected by design.  I tend to agree.  One retired NASA scientist that I have relied upon for insights has been most specific about how frequencies such as K Band have been “nullified” in human experience.

The author sums up abductee roles as including a future as crowd controllers when humans awaken and get angry; agents in assisted suicides as needed against specific humans interfering with alien plans; and UFO piloting to do directed abductions.

I believe the author and I respect the author. I also think he is operating inside a small box that does not come close to the fullness of the cosmic panorama that I believe will be formally disclosed in 2019 and onward.

Below is one post that contains both a review and directory of other links.

Review: Our Universal Journey + extraterrestrial RECAP

Robert David STEELE Vivas

Sidebar: After two days of meetings with the alleged extraterrestrial, I left open-minded but not convinced. At one level this could have been a scam to raise funds for an ostensible transfer of stellar civilization technology to save the Earth; at another — where I am inclined to sit for now — this was a well-intentioned effort still half-baked and in need of development. I was impressed by detailed discussions of the absolute horror of CERN, which is creating modified elements that could literally “eat” the Earth overnight. I was impressed by contextual discussions of the fullness of the cosmos and the particulars of how Earth can be saved with free energy. I personally believe that there are at least twenty six forms of life  some of them being pure energy and pure consciousness in light form; that there are both malign and benign forms of cosmic life; and that elements of our government have been in touch with both. I believe our government has made a huge and costly error in investing so heavily in an unconstitutional secret space force while neglecting its responsibility for being a good steward for the health and diversity of life with free will on our planet. I came back to the USA persuaded the President Trump is on the right track; that America the Beautiful is making a comeback; that “old Europe” is crashing and burning because of the corrupt leadership exemplified by Macron and Merkel and May; and that when all is said and done, what we think of as “reality” is actually a fraud, and we have been prevented from being all we could be by an elite that has concentrated wealth and power to the point that this elite is inbred to the point of insanity.

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