Andrey Kortunov: Heartland Reunion – Geopolitical Chimera or Historical Chance?

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Heartland Reunion: Geopolitical Chimera or Historical Chance?

It would seem that there are no fundamental obstacles to the consolidation of the Heartland: the interests of Beijing and New Delhi coincide on most major international issues. China and India have much in common. Both countries are, in their own way, historically stable and internally cohesive alternatives to Atlantic civilization. China and India are, along with the Arabic East (and to a lesser extent Tropical Africa south of the Sahara), the two most important points of the crystallization of “non-western” ideals. The fact that China and India are growing stronger is the most significant indicator that the “western” stage in the development of the system of international relations has drawn to a close.

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: Our President is holding his own but the reality is that the European Union (EU) is going to break up and the new power centers consist of a Russian-Turkish-Iranian axis, a China-India axis, and perhaps — remotely — a Russian-Chinese axis. High speed rail — where the Chinese have pre-eminence — is a core enabler for these various axes. Not yet understood by these leaders is the fact that Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) is also a foundation for the next elevation of humanity — along with holistic analytics and true cost economics.  The Western economic model is rooted in corruption — in 50% waste, 90% profit for the banks, favoring the 1% over the 99%. That model has failed.

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If President Trump is to restore prosperity at home and make advances in the Western Hemisphere (my “hourglass” strategy is fundamental), he must advance OSEE across the USA starting in Texas and Kansas, then into South America working with the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR), and going north to the Arctic via Canada.  Russia owns the Arctic unless Canada and the USA advance at a measured and equal pace. OSEE is the common factor in all of us creating a prosperous world at peace — a world that works for all.

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