Anthony Judge: Local Reality of Overcrowding — Global Unreality of Overpopulation

Cultural Intelligence, Earth Intelligence
Anthony Judge

Local Reality of Overcrowding — Global Unreality of Overpopulation

Comprehensible reframing of engagement with global issues via metaphors of proximity

Table of Contents with links below the fold.

Urgency: requisite aesthetics for comprehension of new thinking?
Range: proxemics and dilution of experiential connectivity
Sacrifice: as organized by “generals”?
Attraction: sensual proximity and evocation of engagement
Local “force” vs Global “gravity”– or the reverse?
Scale: power laws exemplified by the square-cube law
Human potential: via mysterious coupling of extremes?
Experiential paradoxes of attraction (or repulsion)
Perspective: thinking globally and acting locally — epicycles or hypercycles?
Exaptation: embodying innovation into the “adaptive cycle”
Embodying the essence of governance in ritual dynamics with mace, sceptre, fasces or vajra?
Global-Local dynamic: mace-based governance challenged by a feather?
Imagining local-global connectivity through innovative mace and vajra design

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