Lisi Krall: This Historical Moment Demands Transformation of Our Institutions. The Green New Deal Won’t Do That

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This Historical Moment Demands Transformation of Our Institutions. The Green New Deal Won’t Do That

The GND’s problem, as I understand it, is that it wants to deal with the first contradiction of capital (job creation and new outlets for capital investment) and the second contradiction (biophysical limits) by assuming that we can transition to renewable energy seamlessly and at unrealistic speed, ultimately achieving both green growth and job security.

Actually, if we were willing to pay attention to ecological decay and the 6thmass extinction we would understand that it isn’t simply a long-run energy problem we have, it’s a long-run growth problem.

We must become collectively constrained in economic life. Limits must move beyond the realm of individual conscience and choice and take up residence in the ordering of economic society. This is the challenge of a revolutionary GND.

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: The article is interesting and worth reading.  It has several flaws of omission starting with the fact that the Great Depression was contrived by the banks to destroy the middle class, buy up America at depression-era prices, and consolidate control of the federal government; and then we went into a war in which the bankers funded both sides, precisely because war is the greatest profit center of all for the 1%, never mind the cost to the 99%. The second flaw is its omission of true cost economics and the fact that 50% of what we make now is waste, while 90% of the profits go  to the banks. Holistic analytics, true cost economics, and Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) can provide “Western” quality of life for the billions at the bottom of the pyramid, at a cost of 10-20% of what we pay now for crap we don't need and cannot afford.  The third flaw is that the author fails to emphasize that the “growth” of the human species has come at the cost of a 50% loss of diversity in all other forms of life, and we are on our way to another tar pit. Finally, and it is not fair to expect the author to embrace this, the fourth flaw is that it completely ignores the imminence of free or zero point energy, and all that means for unlimited desalinated water and more.

What is important about the article is two-fold:

01 The Green New Deal is naive bullshit.

02 We need to transform our institutions.

I have worked for decades toward the second objective, and President Donald Trump, whether he will embrace these ideas or not, is making possible the transformation of our institutions, with or without him.  We can in the near term:

01 Create an Open Source Agency that does holistic analytics and  true cost economics such that the public is educated overnight via a truth channel and we begin to bury all the stuff that is killing us while also creating entire new industries and localized self-sufficiency with Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE).

02 Pass #UNRIG Unity for Integrity Election  Reform Act that puts educated citizens back in charge, overturns CiTIZENS UNITED, eliminates the pay to play two-party tyranny, and mandates evidence-based decision-making in the public interest.

03 Apply Bill Binney's Thin Thread to every communication and financial database so as to quickly do the forensics that would expose every traitor, white collar criminal, corrupt public official, and pedophile. We can within a year cleanse our society — we can seize 90% of the assets of the white collar criminals, disbar the corrupt politicians and judges, and put the pedophiles into rehabilitation (it actually does work if done right) or jail.

What is lacking today in the White  House — apart from our President who is all alone — is the combination of intelligence, integrity, and imagination needed to Make America Great Again.

Here again is the four page memorandum for the President:

Trump Triumph

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