Mongoose: Is Jared Kushner Going to Jail? (Following in His Father’s Footsteps?)

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Qatar Shocked, Shocked to Learn It Accidentally Bailed Out Jared Kushner

Doha insists it was an “unwitting” partner in the deal.

Last August, an economic miracle occurred. Eleven years after a young Jared Kushner purchased an aging skyscraper that would become an albatross around his family’s neck, and six months before the Kushners would have to cough up the $1.4 billion that was due on the mortgage for 666 Fifth Avenue, a Canadian asset-management company swooped in and agreed to take a 99-year lease on the building, paying a near-century’s worth of rent upfront. The bailout was surprising for a few reasons, chief among them being comments by the Kushners’ previous partner that 666 Fifth “would be worth a lot more if it was just dirt,” plus the fact that the family had spent two years trying to get new partners or financing to no avail. Also, there was the matter of the Qatar Investment Authority being a major investor in the company, Brookfield Asset Management, and Kushner’s support of a Saudi- and U.A.E.-led blockade of Qatar. To some, it sure sounded like a foreign government was trying to influence policy by greasing the president’s son-in-law’s wheels!

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ROBERT STEELE:  I had lunch yesterday with one of the oldest and most interesting observers of Washington's political scence, to whom I gave a gift of three books on the White House, one of them Let Me Finish -Trump, the Kushners, Bannon, New Jersey, and the Power of In-Your-Face Politics by Chris Christie. Out of the blue, without my mentioning Kushner he commented to me, “I would not be surprised to find Jared Kusher following in his father's footsteps…right into jail.” In comparison to the chickenshit that Robert Mueller (who should be indicted on 3,000 counts of obstructing justice and 3,000 counts of complicity in murder after the fact for 9/11 cover-up) is chasing with Roger Stone, the case can be made that the real prize — and the person that President Donald Trump should immediately eject from the White House — is Jared Kushner. He is, in my view, both an unregistered undeclared agent of at least one foreign power, and almost certainly a real estate criminal and tax cheat. We can leave the Satanic ritual murder pedophile sodomy mark of the beast 666 stuff for another time. All that of course must be determined by a proper investigation as he remains innocent until proven guilty.  US Attorney for the Southern District of New York — just what are you up to these days other than slow-rolling the criminal Grand Jury on 9/11 that you were forced to agree to after repeated submissions from the Lawyer's Committee of Inquiry Into 9/11? 2019 should be a “grand” year for criminal “grand” juries.  We wait with bated breath.

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