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France Enters the Matrix

Matrix is an open platform for secure, decentralized, realtime communication.

From a client’s viewpoint, Matrix is a thin set of HTTP APIs for publish-subscribe (pub/sub) data synchronization; from a server’s viewpoint, it’s a rich set of HTTP APIs for data replication and identity services. On top of these APIs, application servers can provide any service that benefits from running on Matrix. Principally, that has meant interoperable chat, but Hodgson noted that any kind of JSON data could be passed, including voice over IP (VoIP), virtual or augmented reality communications, and IoT messaging.

If you’re in one of those organizations that uses Slack for nearly everything, there is no good reason not to start looking at a migration to Matrix, because if the migration is successful, you can bring your messaging data back in-house. Free software is about the user having control, and Matrix honors that promise.

For anyone who’d like to see the whole talk, the video can be found here.

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