Election 2020 – MON 11 MAR 2019

Cultural Intelligence

Monday 11 March 2019

Comment: President Trump has ignored blacks, Latinos, suburban women, and Independents. Governor John Hickenlooper is the single best challenger — if Cynthia McKinney joined either Trump or Hickenlooper at VP she would be the kingmaker.  Kamela Harris is a flake and will not go the distance. However, as Wayne Jett points out, once Barr and Huber get going, the FISA disclosures should led to a decimation of Democratic leadership in the House, and perhaps the fall of the UK Government. Add 9/11 disclosure and most incumbents are vulnerable.

Wayne Jett, Stay Alert for the Actions (FISA, UK and AU Fry)

Black women’s groups demanding ‘a return on our voting investment’ for 2020 presidential elections

Iowa Poll: Registered Republicans like Trump but 40 percent want a GOP challenger

Election 2020: Former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper joins presidential race

Robert David STEELE Vivas

Curated by Robert David Steele with a focus on people not parties as well as authenticity, inclusiveness, and truthfulness not to be found now in the two-party tyranny fronting for the Deep State and enabling the  Shadow Government. I continue to call on President Donald Trump to sponsor #UNRIG Unity for Integrity Election Reform Act (Proposed), throw the press out of the White House, and create a Trump Studio and Open Source Agency (truth channel).  Memoranda for POTUS

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