Stephen E. Arnold: Industrial Catastrophic Sabotage Via the Cloud?

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Stephen E. Arnold

Juicy Target: Big Cloudy Agglomerations of Virtual and Tangible Gizmos

What’s the implication?

Forget Go to My PC vulnerabilities. Old news. The bad actors may have the opportunity to derail certain industrial and manufacturing processes. What happens when a chemical plant gets the wrong instructions.

Remember the Port of Texas City mishap? A tragic failure. Accidental.

But Citrix style breaches combined with “we did not know” may presage intentional actions in the future.

Yep, cloudy with a chance of pain.

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: My friend Winn Schwartau (I supported him in co-founding the original Information Warfare Conference) wrote the first two books on information warfare, my reviews are below. More recently he has offered a new book.  He is the originator, in testimony to Congress in early 1990's, of the term “digital Pearl Harbor,” others who use the term without attribution are thieves. With Winn, Jim Anderson from NSA, and Bill Caelli from Australia, I wrote the first warning letter to the White House in 1994; not only were we ignored, but the White House allowed NSA to gut all existing computer and communications protocols for its own convenience, thus spawning (making it easy for them) the Chinese and Russian hacking networks. The betrayal of the public trust on all things electromagnetic, including crimes against humanity known as geoengineering and 5G, warrants draconian public action in 2020 and beyond. If the President will not clean house, others must step in.

The SOLUTION that will help avoid catastrophic industrial accidents involving biological, chemical, nuclear, and radiological elements — as well as more standard accidents involving natural gas, water, and electrical networks — is to establish a Computational Mathematics Authority and hold coders accountable for information security the way we hold architects and engineers accountable for construction security. We should also LOCALIZE, a point made most effectively by Nassim Nicholas Taleb.

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