ELECTION 2020 – WEEK to 24 MAR 2019

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Sunday, 24 March 2019 — Praise be to God!

Big Picture. Democrats are not “getting” the general public anger against all elements of the “state” including media — this anger favors  the President, it does not favor Republicans on the down-ballot. The President is not “getting” the need to unite the country with #UNRIG. If the economy stays strong Trump is favored to win BUT “All Democrats have to do is flip 100,000 or so votes in three states to win and that’s a very doable thing.” MoveOn calls for boycott of AIPAC and all Democratic candidates obeyed– this is the beginning of the end of Zionist influence over Congress specifically and the USA generally. If President does 9/11 disclosure, sponsors #UNRIG, and requires AIPAC (and ADL) to register as agents of a foreign power, we can Move On!

Candidates.Trump is targeting 26 million swing voters — he could do so much better. Gillibrand is a Zionist tool — loyal to the people who assassinated JFK Jr. to clear way for Clinton. She is not America First, never will be. There will however almost certainly be a woman as Vice President, if Trump does not replace Mike Pence with Cynthia McKinney he will take a hit. Jeb Bush wants a challenger against the President within the Republican Party. Hickenlooper has both a moderate edge and an Iowa-Ohio edge.  early fund-raising probably staged and not sustainable — but he does have name recognition. Biden is not totally stupid, a Biden-Adams is highly unlikely as a ticket. On balance, Trump gets stronger and better at connecting with every passing day.

Constitution.  The Electoral College — the critical means by which all fifty sovereign states elect the President — is under attack by the Democrats for the simple reason  that they own California and New York and are best positioned to benefit from illegal votes being cast. States controlled by Democrats are engaged in sedition against the Electoral College — changes to mandate deference to the larger national public vote instead of the state vote is outright sedition. Democrats also want to expand the Supreme Court the next time they can, to water down the conservative justices properly appointed. In the near term, states are seeking to ban President  Trump from the ballot if he does not release his tax returns — not a Constitutional requirement.

Demographics. Trump has a challenge in many more states now that ubber-witch is not on the ticket. At the same time, these states are swing states, not liberal states, the mob on the left will be equally challenged. Among the young legalization of marijuana and a student debt jubillee are the top issues, Trump can take the first away from the Democrats, no one has noticed the second yet. This is the Democratic line today: “All Democrats have to do is flip 100,000 or so votes in three states to win and that’s a very doable thing.” Blacks and Latinos are favorable to Trump in principle, he can do more.

Down-Ticket Impact. Democrats salivating over an early announcement of Biden-Adams for its down-ticket impact.  Alleged pedophile and fat woman with no accomplishments, seriously?

Economy. A strong economy could decide the election. A weak economy will create opportunities for a mixed bag of Democratic candidates.

Fake News. It is established that Google manipulation of searches cost Republicans at least three seats. The manipulation of information, the creation of a  Trump truth channel, and the mobilization of inactive voters are going to be central to who wins in 2020.

Impeachment. Tom Steyer will only support candidates who want to impeach President Trump.  Seriously.

Issues.The economy is positive and likely to continue in that vein despite market worries about a downturn. Legalizing marijuana is a unifying issue for the Democrats, with a patina of justice for blacks. Faith — a return to values — is now understood by Democrats to be an essential talking point in 2020. Reparations for slavery? Seriously? Health care is a toss up — on balance cutting costs in half Trumps a doctor in every driveway. Student debt has not been noticed — a jubilee would be huge.  Abortion and immigration will be key issues — Constitution and state  rights should be key issues.

Technology. Trump is whipping all the Democrats combined with Facebook spending and digital strategy. He can do vastly more if he chooses to respect the 73% that did not vote for him, but he is off to a good start. It is now known that Google cost the Republicans at least three seats, Trump needs to do a RICO prosecution now and install strong oversight before 2020.

Zionist Influence on USA. MoveOn has called for a  complete boycott of AIPAC conference by Democratic candidates. This is the beginning of the end for Zionist influence on the US economy, US government, and US society. The President should immediately require that AIPAC register as an agent of a foreign power (the Zionist, genocidal, apartheid, criminal state of Israel).


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