Corbett Report: The Crisis of Science

Academia, Commerce, Corruption, Earth Intelligence, Government, Peace Intelligence

Corbett Report recently analyzed the four main crises of science:
– the replication crisis;
– the crisis of fraud;
– the crisis of publication;
– the crisis of peer review.

We also spoke of the share root of theses crises with the advent of Big Science where large scale investments are increasingly a requirement for cutting-hedge research. Big Science requires Big Money, either from Big Corporations or Big Government.

And either way, the results are skewed.

When big corporations are paying for it, the science is invariably skewed toward the companies which are paying for it. And when Big Governments are funding it, the results are invariably skewed toward political interests, lobbyists and military contractors. Even worse, we sometimes get the mix of the two, combining Eisenhower nightmare of the M.I.C. with a technological elite holding government finances hostage.

This is the problem facing humanity at the crossroad of the 21th century. On the cusp of phenomenal discoveries which can determine whether life remains or destruction faces us, what are the options and are there solutions?

Alert Reader adds:

Spontaneous problem solving by opening lines of communications to resolve collectively EVERY problem and why Fukushima is not yet resolved: Hubris of government versus the amount of knowledge poured into Japan, which Japan has, thus far, refused to acknowledge.  Finance and government wasted 8 years.
And how much has the Polymath project solved over ten years?


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