Penguin: The Open Source Approach to Accelerating Digital Transformation [PBI: Still Retarded]

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The Open Source Approach to Accelerating Digital Transformation

According to “Connecting Capabilities: the Asian Digital Transformation Index”, a report by The Economist Intelligence Unit, digital transformation continues to be a high priority for business leaders, as efforts in that space can lead to improved innovation, streamlined processes, cost savings, and the creation of new offerings that can both create new markets and defend against competition from disruptors.

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Phi Beta Iota: Open source software and to a much lesser extent open source (computer and communications) hardware are maturing, but severely constrained by Amazon, Google, IBM, and Microsoft, among others, all of whom are actively seeking to hijack open source and sell it under other names.

What everyone is missing is two things:

01 5G is weaponized insanity, the Internet of Things cannot be allowed to be rooted in 5G.  This is not negotiable, this is an existential threat.

02 Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) is about EVERYTHING — nine major domains, twenty-seven sub-domains to start, and everything else as time and interest permits. No one in the so-called open source world is being responsible about making the leap to OSEE.

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