Robert Steele: Praise the Lord and Pass the Lawyers….

Offbeat Fun
Robert David STEELE Vivas

Am about to embark on a great new adventure, and while I am interviewing law firms in Northern Virginia and Tampa, I thought it would be interesting to share the list of the different types of legal assistance I am looking to contract for, and way cool if there turned out to be some decent lawyers who are subscribers to Phi Beta Iota and are actually passionate about what I stand for. I do not want to juggle different firms — the ideal is one firm that has all nine of these skill sets on staff so I can mix and match but only have one belly button to push.

Here’s the list:

01 General Counsel as needed
02 SEC Compliance/Start-Up
03 Tax/Estate/Pension
04 FARA/LDA Compliance
05 FEC Compliance (501c4/527)
06 Private Foundation Compliance
07Patent & Trademark
08 Stolen Identity Lawsuits (Facebook, YouTube)
09 Real Estate