Worth a Listen: Ted Broer on This and That

Cultural Intelligence

Ted & Austin Radio Show Highlights for March 26, 2019

  • High energy, must listen green show!
  • Trump needs to pardon everyone charged due to Russia Trump gate.
  • Was Darby an occultist? Who paid him to push Zionism?
  • How is the Kabbala tied to free masonry?
  • Book review on The Kushners Greed Ambition and Corruption! And the third temple.
  • How will brain microchips communicate? Will six G be involved?
  • Dark day for internet freedom in Europe.
  • UPS targets outsourced health care.
  • Ted goes into a rant on Nagalase, the death of doctors, the people who rule this planet and how they manipulate the fabric of space time! Must hear rant!
    High energy show!

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