Berto Jongman: New Zealand False Flag – What They Don’t Want You To See…

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Berto Jongman

In this video it is argued that the Christchurch massacre possibly was a blackop. The reason why the video was so quickly removed from the Internet and made punishable to have it in possession or share it with others, is that it contains clues that contradict the official narrative that it was a single shooter who did not have help. The video focuses on the man in red clothes who may have been a handler of the shooter. He appears several times in the video without being harmed or threatened. The video also shows the license plate of a car that was involved in the attack.

Video and more commentary and links below the fold.

The conclusion that the Christchurch massacre possibly was a blackop can also be heard from Max Igan, Olle Dammegaard and Sorcha Faal. The last mentioned goes even a step further arguing that Christchurch was a test run for the assassination of president Trump. Those who want to assassinate Trump wanted to see how quickly evidence of a false flag can be removed from the Internet.

Phi Beta Iota: Our three most popular links, below, have gone from 10,000 a day to less than 600 a day. Our web site, and links pertaining to false flag events, are clearly being censored. We will, however, give Facebook credit — with 3K+ shares, the two original links appear to be “allowed.”

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