Yoda: Jewish law strictly prohibits Jewish people from sovereignty in the Holy Land — Faithful Jews are not Zionists and Oppose AIPAC

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Opposition to AIPAC, Israel and, Zionism Is Congruent with Jewish Values

American Herald Tribune

According to the strict reading of Jewish law, the Jewish people are united as a people but not by a country, state or language. They are united by their faith and their observance of Jewish law. That is why there are Jews who speak Arabic and have dark skin and Jews who speak Yiddish and have light skin and they are all part of the Jewish people. Furthermore, Jewish law strictly prohibits Jewish people from sovereignty in the Holy Land.

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An Open Letter: We are Jews Who Stand with Representative Ilhan Omar

As Jews with a long tradition of social justice and anti-racism, AIPAC does not represent us. #WeStandWithIlhan

Phi Beta Iota: Restoring Palestine to the Palestinians is a root facilitator for peace in the Middle East, along with ending US support for militaries and dictators in the Middle East and US attempts to do regime change favorable to the 1% who love war as a profit center. It is the Jews who must accommodate the Palestinians, the Chinese, the Russians, the Americans, and everyone else kind enough to welcome them as citizens.

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