Mongoose: The Truth About AIPAC – Agent of a Foreign Power

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Zionist Shiksa Meets Her Match — Pelosi Swamped by Uproar Over Censure of Omar for Telling the Truth

BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi, Zionist Shiksa, In Her Own Words: “Even If [America] Turned to Rubble” Israel Would Get Our Last Dollar…

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BREAKING: Joe Lieberman is Such a Zionist Asshole! UPDATE 1: American Jews Support Ilhan Omar

CENSORED BY GOOGLENEWS: Robert Steele with Javad Heirannia: Is Zionism in the USA Over? One Former Spy & Counterintelligence Officer Says Yes.

CENSORED BY GOOGLENEWS: Robert Steele: Is Ilhan Omar Cynthia McKinney 2.0? – Will the Zionist Parasite Be Purged from the USA This Time?

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