CounterPunch: The Ilhan Omar Gambit: Anti-Semitism as a Reactionary Political Tool PBI: No, Anti-Zionism is NOT Anti-Semitism

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The Ilhan Omar Gambit: Anti-Semitism as a Reactionary Political Tool

Criticism of Israel and support for the rights of Palestinian people who are currently deprived of them are legitimate, crucial and moral. To tarnish human rights advocates as ‘anti-Semitic’ undermines the efforts of all those who oppose the white supremacist patriarchy, including Palestinians, Black and Brown people, women, Indigenous groups, immigrants, LGBTQI, Muslims and Jews.

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Phi Beta Iota: Zionism is Satanic and the ultimate evil on Earth. In no way should it be confused with Judaism the faith. Zionism is genocidal, apartheid, and criminal. It is subversive against every country in which Zionists bribe and blackmail and lie to public representatives as well as the public.  The world is waking up to this fact — and to the fact that Arab dictators are Zionists and are totally complicit in state-sponsored terror and state-sponsored illegal immigration intended to destroy Western communities, families, and states.

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