DefDog: States Approving “Constitutional Carry”

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There is a need for the states to push back against the Deep State controlled Congress.  Legalizing marijuana, demilitarizing the police, terminating all domestic CIA positions, would be a good start.

Ohio considers approving “constitutional carry”

Ohio is set to become the 17th state to approve “constitutional carry,” a law that would allow all law-abiding Ohioans to carry a concealed weapon without obtaining a permit — a measure that Republican Gov. Mike DeWine supports. If approved, Ohio would become the 17th state to approve connotational carry.

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Phi Beta Iota: We support repeal of the 17th Amendment (or its cancellation if it was not properly ratified as some claim) because we are the United STATES of America.  The STATES, not the federal government, are the last word. The change of Senators toward popular election was and remains nothing more than a path to corruption — they are accountable to those that bribe them and blackmail (e.g. Zionists as well as K Street and Wall Street), not to the STATES that should be appointing them and to whom they would be subject to recall.

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