ELECTION 2020 — WEEK to 14 APR 2019

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Sunday, 14 April 2019 — Praise be to God!

Big Picture. The Democratic Party is its own worst enemy, consumed from within by ideas so radical they will alienate their own moderates as well as swing voters — GOP opposition research — and SuperPACs — will make 2020 the year of the Naked Democrat. Netanyahu — Zionist Israel — and 5G — will be the fault line issues in 2020. Trump might pull a giant rabbit out of the hat, if he shows Main Street that he is locking the Federal Reserve and Wall Street up. Early indications are that the large Democratic field is being encouraged to allow the super-delegates to make the final selection. Trump’s creeping (not yet serious) dementia is shaping up as the Democrat’s wooden stake issue — that might have more sway across the middle than his cheating at golf.

Candidates. Most of the Democratic candidates  are failing to be persuasive in their own home states — these are ego runs lacking in substance. Trump plans a billion dollar campaign.Howard Schultz is a spoiler and lacks the charisma to win in 2020.  What he could do is force both the President the Democratic toddlers to get serious about a holistic approach to all of the issues, and the fundamentals starting with election reform and ending all our foreign wars. Trump is a known cheat — at golf, taxes, and bank loans. The push for his tax returns by multiple states is desperate recognition that he can be re-elected anyway because all of the Democratic candidates are also known to be cheats.

Down-Ticket Impact. Pelosi confident Democrats will retain control of House in 2020 [PBI estimates no less than $2B in SuperPAC money will be raised to mobilize veterans, Latinos, blacks, and Independents for Trump, ending Democratic control of the House — not necessarily turning it over to Republicans but rather one third refusing to causus with either wing of the two-party tyranny.]

Demographics. Youth are not stupid. Democrats are thinking they are. Some surprising youth movements are emerging, and showing responsibility. Therre is a center-left, but no center-left leader who is authentic, inclusive, and truthful. Blacks are splitting two thirds away from the Democrats toward Trump or Other — not yet grasped by the Democrats is that the Equality Act legalizing pedophilia is STRONGLY rejected by family and God-fearing blacks AND LATINOS.  Trump’s communications team is still mired in myopic base data but if and when they wake up  the spectrum of MAGA will brighten. Women of color matter — and the most important woman of color, Cynthia McKinney, continues to sit on the sidelines, teaching in a land very far away, rather than getting into the one election where she would determine the outcome.

Election Reform/Electoral College. The serious Democratic candidates understand the need to keep the Electoral College. This one divides the authentics from the frauds — note that Hickenlooper is solidly in favor of respecting the Electoral College as established by the Founders. We are appalled that PBS NewsHour fails to make the point that that we are the United STATES of America.

Fake News. The politics of hate will be heavily marketed by the Democrats — the Republicans and others are focused on getting their country back on track.  The concept of CIA — the pioneer and top practitioner of fake news — briefing candidates “against” fake news is stunningly ironic. CIA’s days, in its present form, are numbered.

Impeachment. Nancy Pelosi is not stupid. Maxine Waters is. There will be no impeachment but the word will continue to be used by the lightweights.

Issues. Gun control will remain an issue. The President does not get this yet, but so will 5G, which may be a winning issue for the Democrats if they converge on this genocidal/ecocidal  technology and the truth about it. Iowa floods — and perhaps food security — could become issues in 2020. Reparations are a losing issue — one turn of the  screw too many in the nanny hand-out buy the voter concept favored by  the Democrats.

Immigration — not just the border wall but the simple fact that the leftist legal system prevents us from drop-kicking these people back to where they came from without a long leftist judicial process — will be a central issue. Not yet clear is whether the President will properly connect with Latinos and youth and properly do more in the area of e-verify and withholding of benefits from illegals.

Kushner Liability. Trump is either insane on the topic of Jared Kushner, of biding his time. If Kushner and First Daughter are still in the White House in 2020 Howard Schultz and the right coaltion cabinet have a serious shot.

Technology. States are finally starting to focus on the integrity of their election technology systems.

Voter Fraud/Steve Bannon.

It is rare to see someone go from eminence gris to pure asshole so quickly. Steve Bannon is there.

Zionist Influence on USA.

Q says the Zionists will be the last to be taken down. Imagine 435 billboards across America with Donald Trump’s face and a big red X next to America First and a big green checkmark next to Israel First.  This is what it will look like:

The whites, the blacks, the Jews, the small parties and Independents — even MoveOn and the Democratic candidates, for crying out loud — are starting to “get” that Zionism is evil and not to be confused with Judaism. 2020 could be the year in which the USA repudiates Zionist influence ubber alles.


Big Picture.

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Fake News.

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SIDE NOTE: A couple of people have objected to “Praise Be To God” in the dateline. God is lurking on this election, and the public’s relation to God is going to be a factor.  To paraphrase Trotsky on war, “You may not be interested in God, but God is interested in you.”

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Kushner Liability.

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Voter Fraud/Steve Bannon.

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Zionist Influence on USA.

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