State of the Nation: 5G Trillion Dollar Lawsuit UPDATE: Mass Action “Notice of Liability” (Lloyd’s Refuses to Insure, For Good Reason)

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5G Roll-out Facing $1 Trillion Class Action Lawsuit

“Let’s see them square off with a phalanx of personal injury attorneys and cadre of environmental lawyers who will be marshalling through a $1 Trillion Class Action Lawsuit.”

Of course, the biggest concern about what is essentially a military deployment of 5G is that it represents “The Greatest Public Health Disaster in US History”.

The foisting of 5G digital cellular networks on cities and communities throughout the United States is likewise a clear violation of human rights, civil rights, constitutional rights and natural rights.

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5G Roll-out is Trump’s 9/11

5G SHUTDOWN STRATEGY: A Mass Action of “Notice of Liability”

Phi Beta Iota:  The Nuremburg trials set in place 10 principles. One was the absolute necessity for informed consent of people involved in any experiments. These two links discuss that. At the 1947 Trials, seven people were put to death on the basis of that principle, while more than double that number served jail time.

If the Democrats pick this issue up, and President Donald Trump does not take decisive action to stop all 5G immediately, he will lose in 2020.

The FACT that Lloyd’s of London refuses all liability insurance for wi-fi, 5G, EMF, etcetera, is proof positive that we are on to something.

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Yoda: Lloyds of London Fears EMF 5G – EXCLUDES Coverage! — Electromagnetic Pollution Will Kill You, NOT COVERED BY INSURANCE — Sierra Club Opposes

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