Jack Mullen: Samuel Popejoy on Death of the West

Cultural Intelligence

10 Indications That Western Society Is Collapsing

List Only:

10 Gender Fluidity [Where Anything Goes]
09 Collapse of the Family [and Rise of Perverse Pedophile Families]
08 Rising Dominance of Virtual Worlds [Where Anything  Goes]
07 Fusion with Technology [and Technology Decisions without Heart]
06 Mass Migration [to Water Down and Destabilize Western Countries]
05 Inequality Under the Law [Illegals Get a Free Pass and Benefits]
04 Erasure of History [Idiot Children Taking Down Statues of Heroes]
03 Rising Financial Inequality [99% Dumbed Down, Kept on Thin Ice]
02 Drug Abuse [CIA Started it All in the 1960’s]
01 Nihilism [Stupid Children Become Stupid Adults Lacking Ethics]

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Phi Beta Iota: From Herbert Marcuse to Patrick Buchanan, the deliberate long-running endeavor to destroy the Western “goyim” has been known.  What has not been realized by the 99% is that their so-called political leaders have all been bribed and blackmailed by Zionists into collaborating with the genocide of the public and the ecocide of the Earth.

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