Robert Steele: Notre Dame Cathedral Burning False Flag, Complicity of Pope, Organized by Macron, Merkel, & May, Each a Satanist, Goal of Saving EU & Central Banks UPDATE 13

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Robert David STEELE Vivas


I was  devastated by the total burning of Notre Dame cathedral, a place where I once prayed in thanks for one of my son’s who survived what might otherwise have been a certain death. The parallels to both the Reichstag Fire and 9/11 loomed. Then I heard from the shadow foreign minister of France and I believe all of the following to be true and an indictment of Macron, Merkel, May, and the Pope — Notre Dame would not have burned as it did without the explicit complicity of the Church — and key police, fire, and government offices in Paris — in detail, in advance, and into the future.

Here is what I have been told by a ranking source in France:

Extraterrestial View of the Satanic Sacrifice Site

01 Canadian intelligence officers who went immediately to the site for a first hand look were prevented from getting close.

02 No electricity in the area where the fire is alleged to have started.

03 Two dead within the fire, both evidently murdered (two bullets each)

04 No helicopters brought in to fight the fire

05 Dysfunctional water spraying machine, a mockery of a fire-fighting performance

06 Official narrative pretending it was an accident was immediate and clearly on the shelf and ready to go.

07 Timing impossible to dismiss — intended to prevent announcement of Macron’s loss in the national debate inspired by the Yellow Vests.

08 Afternote A: anniversary of the Titanic that was precursor to the creation of Central Banks and the subversion of all governments.

09 Afternote B: This is intended to save the global financial system owned by the Satanists by saving the European  Election in May, anticipate a call for “financial solidarity” that keeps France trapped in Europe by “EU” agreeing to pay for the renovation of the cathedral.  “EU” and Central Banks are the beneficiaries of this false flag event, along with Macron as the token leader of France on behalf of the Satanic Deep State.

10 Afternote C: This is an intended “death blow” against Western Civilization. Although the Muslims are not being blamed, the sub-text is Frankfurt School / Tavestock Institute fundamental: whites and the West are shit,  hail all illegal immigrants, transgenders, and fat stupid people — the sheep of all sheep.

11 Afternote D: The roof of Notre Dame was original to the 13th century and has survived all wars, all manner of natural hazards. This was the single most precious asset in France, not so much a Catholic religious asset as a national spiritual cultural asset. Final conclusion: the Satanists are DESPERATE.

Notre Dame burning early on, fire brigades evidently held back

Separately I am told by sources in Asia with access to secret society leaders:

01 This was a Satanic Easter energy sacrifice by Satanists Macron, Merkel, and May, each believed to be an individual Satanist (and pedophile and sacrificer of children in ritual torture ceremonies). Each has their own major secular physical world failures pointing toward their Earthly demise.

02 This was assuredly done with the complicity of the Pope and the Catholic Church  hierarchy, the two dead may have been murdered because they would not comply with Satanic instructions. This was not an accident, this was an inside job with  outside (French national police) complicity in closing the area off and preventing effective responses from being coordinated. For the existing plan to blanket this sacred site with water to not have been executed instantly is the equivalent of Dick Cheney controlling NORAD on 9/11.

03 The coincidence of Steve Bannon setting up shop in an Italian monastery and calling the Pope an enemy with the timing and scope of the fire (total destruction) is considered just that — a coincidence.

04 The Pope’s incentive — apart from being a Satanist for whom God is the enemy and Notre Dame a lovely sacrifice to Satan — is said to revolve around the WikiLeaks dump and the exploding pedophilia scandal that if properly investigated would lead to every single cardinal and most bishops being defrocked, and the arrest of Assange, which has triggered the “dead hand” data dump and will lead to further deeply scandalous revelations about the Catholic Church in relation to Satanism, pedophilia, and financial crime.

05 Commercial insurance fraud is beginning to be discussed.    The Church’s income has suffered from the pedophilia scandal, apart from a Satanic sacrifice of epic proportions, the Church (and the owner of the site, the French government) should be investigated for the possible use of the event as a two-fer: Satanic sacrifice and insurance fraud.

UPDATE on Commercial Insurance Fraud.  Alert Reader sends in  this paragraph from the Daily Mail:

“Notre-Dame is owned by the state and has been at the centre of a years-long row between the nation and the Paris archdiocese over who should bear the brunt of costs for badly needed restoration work.”

Daily Mail: Twenty-three minutes that could have saved Notre Dame? Alarm was raised during mass at 6.20pm but staff could not find the fire until 6.43pm ….when the inferno was raging out of control

The “patsies” for the alleged “gross negligence are likely to be the restoration team, we look for them to be placed under investigation as a means of distracting the public from the real perpetrator, Macron & his Satanic allies.

She’s safe in our hands! Young construction boss, 32, at centre of Notre Dame fire probe boasted about his firm’s ability to protect historic sites as his company won £5million contract to repair cathedral’s spire

UPDATE on Commercial Insurance Fraud from different Alert Reader.

Everything including the candles, statues, and most art appears to have been saved although fraudulent insurance claims are to be expected.  It is as if the roof and only the roof was carefully prepared for cinematique burning.

Scott Bennett, always a good source for Grand PSYOP, says this:

If I was a betting man, my guess is this Notre Dame Cathedral fire was a “Kristolnacht” type of psyop event, similar to when the Nazis ignited the 1930’s fire and blamed the communists to win the election….my guess is this is similar, with Macron benefiting by shutting down the yellow vest protests (which have been destroying him and putting France in civil war. Who benefits from the fire? well perhaps Israeli Mossad and/or Shin-bet doubling-down on their “religious war” between Muslims and Chrisitians as may have been the case in the “Chr*st-Ch_rch” NZ event and the fake video of the guy running around like he’s in a video game with fake weapons, etc. A renewed religious war is always good for the military industrial complex. Perhaps they might even try and blame it on Iran–but most likely would have been MEK if it was anyone, working with MI6-CIA. Just another day in the police-state.

Scott provides this link:

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on Fire, Worker Claims it Was “Deliberately” Started

The official story [Credible false flag reports are being censored]:

Macron Vows to Rebuild Notre Dame Cathedral After Devastating Fire

Biblical Quote:

“There is to be a particular insult, which will be inflicted upon My Holy Name, in an effort to desecrate Me, during Holy Week. This wicked gesture, during Holy Week, will be seen by those who keep their eyes open and this will be one of the signs by which you will know that the imposter, who sits on the throne in My Church on earth, does not come from Me.”

Message of Jesus – Thursday, March 14th, 2013 – from The Book of Truth

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Images Created by Robert David Steele

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Below was created for the earlier Paris false flags, not Notre Dame.  Macron as an individual Satanist and globalist tool is #1, Merkel, May, & the Pope are #2.

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UPDATE 1: Ilhan Omar, 9/11, Notre Dame, & the Zionists

Al Jazeera: ‘Disgusting, dangerous’: Trump slammed over 9/11 Ilhan Omar tweet

The Atlantic: Ilhan Omar Falls Victim to the Outrage Exhibitionists

Phi Beta Iota: The probability of the same people being behind the Notre Dame false flag as were behind 9/11 is very high. Ilhan Omar and Donald Trump both know it was the Zionists, not the Saudis (who provided the patsies) who did 9/11.

Memoranda for the President on 9/11: Time for the Truth — False Flag Deep State Truth! UPDATE 14: Spanish Translation

33 Zionist Strikes (Zionism is Not Judaism)

UPDATE 2: Anti-Muslim “Cover Story” Emerges from Zionist Breitbart

ABEL DANGER: Coincidences and the Possibility of a Targeted Hit

Breitbart: Revealed: Islamic State Plan for Series of Paris-Style Massacres Across Europe

ABEL DANGER: As readers take a look at this Breibart News, be sure to keep in the back of your minds Breibart News was “born in America and conceived in Israel,” so it would make sense this Israeli-based news source continues to aggressively hustle the “Islamic state terrorist plan” business model to decimate cultures and history.

Phi Beta Iota: Muslim subversion of Europe is through illegal immigrants and the spreading of crime and poverty, as agreed to in the Barcelona agreements — money from Arab dictators, subsevience from bribed European leaders. Notre Dame, like 9/11 was not in any way shape or form a Muslim attack.

UPDATE 3: Michelle Obama Cruising Paris While Notre Dame Burns?

PICTURED: Moment Michelle Obama’s idyllic Parisian river cruise turns sour as the former First Lady and other revelers realize Notre Dame is on fire

Phi Beta Iota: Barack Obama is known to have been hired by the Rothschilds to be their representative in Washington during the financial reset. The photos of Michelle Obama will inevitably reveal Masonic hand signs. We are reminded of how the Rothchilds were sitting on a suite balcony overlooking 9/11 from a safe distance. Michelle Obama may have been unwitting, but she is a bit player in a larger drama and it is entirely appropriate to connect her in this way to the false flag atrocity against Notre Dame by the Satanists who own most presidents, prime ministers, kings, and queens.

UPDATE 4: Notre Dame Architect Supports False Flag Conclusion

The architect says there was no renovation at the site where the fire first broke out. This excludes welding conspiracy theories etc. Furthermore, the architect says 800-year-old oak does not catch fire without an accelerent. Security protocols were put in place to prevent this type of catastrophe according to numerous reports… No lack of suspects for this terror attack either… deep state, antifa, or other terror groups.

Tip of the Hat to Donna Hollingberry for the comment below:

At 11:12 it looks like DEW shooting down onto the Cathedral. At first glance I thought it was water spraying but its too high up and too far away for the angle to be water spraying the fire. To me it looks like this fire was weaponized by direct energy and probably a flammable accelerant to ensure the fire spread quickly. Great disclosure of wind direction versus fire path. Also, I stated that the wood was so old that it would now be petrified wood being like stone, it would not burn easily. I now hear the same thought from this gentleman. This is the season of sacrifices and fire. Keep eyes open for another FF. Don’t trust the MSM (Main Stream Media).

UPDATE 5: Robert Steele in Tehran Times (Censored by GoogleNews)

Robert Steele with Javad Heirannia: Notre Dame False Flag Event – Did Satanist Macron Burn the Heart of Humanity to Save Himself and the Deep State?

Phi Beta Iota: This interview may be freely republished as long as it is republished in full and there is a link to the original.

UPDATE 6: Video of suspicious roof activity, accusation against NATO

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: I am hearing that a great many people in France — including extremely wealthy people who are not part of the Deep State Rothschild network that controls Macron the alleged Satanist and pedophile — are so utterly angry about this that they have sworn to  spare no expense, no effort to get to the bottom of this one.  NATO Gladio (the neo-Nazi stay-behind network that morphed into false flag leftist terrorism to promote authoritarian fascist governance and police powers) is now on  the list of suspected collaborators. I have to say, unlike 9/11 where the people are sheep and the media and FBI (Robert Mueller) were totally complicit in the cover-up, this one is different. This may end up being the tie-breaker that puts the populists — and their new-found very wealthy very angry friends — over the the top against the Deep State in Europe — this will impact heavily on every country in Europe starting with Belgium and Italy and Germany. It could bring down the British government as well. In my view, the time has come for the USA to leave both NATO and the UN; to end all US support for European police and intelligence agencies; and to dismiss the UN from New York where the real estate can be put to better use.  If President Donald Trump is not up to that task — we know the Democrats are not — it is possible that a well-put-together coalition team could win in 2020.

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UPDATE 7: Evidence of military-grade thermite super hot burning

Phi Beta Iota: various sources are saying that the yellow to orange spectrum is an indication of fire accelerants, not natural oak, possibly thermite.

UPDATE 8: Steve Pieczenik – Macron and La Piscine Did It

UPDATE 9: Michelle Obama Fake News with a Point

Notre Dame Cathedral Fire: Blockbuster Report Shows Criminal Global Elite That Were On Seine River Yacht Knew About In Advance, And Celebrated The Burning Of Cathedral

The cruise departed AFTER the cathedral was already hurling smoke into the sky. This is proven by the reflections in the wine glass in this photo which shows a rather happy Michelle Obama. You can’t see the actual cathedral in this photo yet because the dinner cruise is not close enough yet but they are all happy and they definitely know it is burning.

The claim that the necklace says “Burning” is  fake news. It says “Becoming” which is the title of the book that she is marketing world-wide.  We have wondered if the title of the book is code for the transgender catepillar nature of his/her sexual, political, and financial history but we leave that to others. What does not appear to be in doubt is the reality that the mood on the boat in the face of the burning of the cathedral is joyous.

ROBERT STEELE: We do not make this shit up. HOWEVER, they got the necklace wrong and the wine glass could have been photo-shopped. Every person on the cruise should be subject to deep inspection.  Probably a book group with elites embedded. The Rothschilds own the Obamas.  Time for a reckoning — some very wealthy people in France are talking about funding a “no holds barred” investigation intended to take Macron down. I hope they do it.

UPDATE 10: Street Level French Citizens Denounce the “Accident” Theory

🔴🇫🇷 Forgeron qui démontre que le chêne ne brûle 🔥🔥🔥pas comme ça !!!!

LINK FOR TWITTER THREAD — universal agreement fire was deliberate

UPDATE 11: Top Minds in France Certain Notre Dame Was Deliberate Fire

Si il n’y avait eu qu’un départ de feu, et, en second lieu, si des substances hautement inflammables n’avaient pas été répandues sur la charpente, il eût eté impossible que les flammes se propagent si vite et que tout le toit s’effondre en moins de trois heures.

If there had only been a start of fire, and second, if highly flammable substances had not been spread on the frame, it would have been impossible for the flames to spread so quickly and entire roof collapses in less than three hours.

As Tweeted     Paul-Marie Coûteaux

UPDATE 12: Notre Dame Confirmed as Arson

UPDATE 13: Lovely Thirteen Minutes of Deep Analysis

Phi Beta Iota: Above by a brilliant person in public service, worth listening to every word — 13:22 in length.

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Robert Steele with Javad Heirannia: Notre Dame False Flag Event – Did Satanist Macron Burn the Heart of Humanity to Save Himself and the Deep State?