Penguin: 26 States Forbid Community Broadband — Corrupt Legislators, Pathetic Voters, Aggressive Bribery & Blackmail by Telcom Sector

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Report: 26 States Now Ban or Restrict Community Broadband

Frustrated by slow speeds, limited availability, high prices and terrible customer service, more than 750 communities across the country have built their own broadband ISPs or cooperatives. Studies have shown these locally owned and operated networks tend to offer lower prices, faster speeds, and better customer service than their private-sector counterparts.

Instead of competing by offering better service—private sector telecom giants like Comcast and AT&T have routinely turned to a cheaper alternative: easily corrupted state lawmakers. In exchange for campaign contributions, lawmakers frequently and uncritically pass on model legislation written by industry and distributed by organizations like ALEC.

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Phi Beta Iota: At some point #UNRIG — or violent civil war — are inevitable.

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